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(as a parent/guardian),

My daughter had a flexible Cystoscopy at the Endoscopy Unit. When she asked the Dr. "can you see anything?", the doctor said "Yes".

Naturally, this upset and frightened my adult daughter. Who wouldn't be?

Later, the nurse showing her out said "The doctor's not English, so probably didn't understand what you asked".

Why is a Dr who doesn't understand a basic English question, that most patients would ask, allowed to work in such a Unit?

Totally unacceptable.

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Response from Barbara Bray, Chief of Surgery, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Dear Magrout

I am sorry to hear that your daughter had a poor experience and was upset; thank you for bringing this to our attention. All our doctors have good english and anyone may mis-interpret a question but there has oviously been a mis-communication!

What is important is that your daughter has the right information at her follow up appointment. If this has not yet been arranged and she is worried please ask her to contact Eloise Clarke on ext 6199

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Update posted by Magrout (a parent/guardian)

Your response to my concern relating to a Doctor in the Endoscopy Unit was not satisfactory, as the Dr. clearly did not understand the question my daughter asked. Not a case of mis- communication. Why the! Mark? Were you implying that the situation was amusing? The Doctor also asked the staff if Bladder Scans were done at the Hospital. I wonder how long the Doctor had been working in the Endoscopy Unit?

My daughter did not get any answers to her concerns. She was told that she needs to have a C.T. Scan soon, without any appointment made, she has no follow up appointment as she has not even seen a Dr at the Hospital yet, so has no idea what is thought to be wrong with her. Naturally she is thinking the worse, and her experience has increased her anxiety. This is not a good way to treat anyone.

I await your response.

Response from Barbara Bray, Chief of Surgery, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust We are preparing to make a change

Dear Magrout

Thank you for getting back to us and for the additional information. I have spend some time looking into what happens during a 'direct access' visit ie where a patient has a one-stop visit to see a urologist and have an cystoscopy on the same day.

Your daughter should have had an explanation of what was found, what further investigations would be necessary and why/when this would happen as well as when she would be seen again.

The Urology Department are sorry that this hasn't happened and would like her to get in touch with them to put this right. The name of the consultant in charge of her care can be found on the letter she received for her cystoscopy appointment and she should ring his secretary via the hospital switchboard on 01737 768511. If she doesn't have the letter, Mr Shuja from the Urology Dept will be pleased to help if she emails him her details on mushtaq.shuja@sash.nhs.uk.

Lastly, both the Urology Dept and Endoscopy will discuss this in their team meetings to see how they can learn from your daughter's experience.

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Update posted by Magrout (a parent/guardian)

The response was helpful, if only that changes will take place to help other patients.

My daughter's letter stated "Urology Day Case ", not as you state " a one-stop visit ".

The accompanying leaflet said that she would expect to be told the results and any future plans at the end of the procedure. This is why she asked the Doctor, and why she has been so anxious since her appointment.

There is no name of a Consultant on the letter she received, and to date she has had no appointment for a CT scan.

She will therefore have to contact Mr Shuja.

In my opinion the whole system needs to be reviewed and my daughter's case needs to be dealt with very quickly now. I shall await a response, as she will await an apology for her poor treatment.

Response from Barbara Bray, Chief of Surgery, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust We have made a change

Dear Magrout.

Mr Shuja will arrange for your daughter to be seen as soon as she gets in touch. The Urology Dept apologises for the distress caused to you both; they are reviewing the system and are/will be changing the way that patients coming for cystoscopy are dealt with. Some change will happen immediately thanks to your comments - in particular everyone having a cystoscopy in the endoscopy unit will receive a copy of their endoscopy report to take home with them. This is our standard practice for all other types of endoscopy.

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Update posted by Magrout (a parent/guardian)

Thankfully, changes will take place as soon as possible.

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