" Trouble getting a prescription while visiting my native land"

About: Suffolk PCT

(as other),

I am a British Passport holder. OAP born in London 70 years ago, now living in France and under French system. I am diabetic.

While visiting my daughter, I brought the wrong pills (my fault) and phoned local doctor's surgery in Thurston, was very rudely told by the receptionist I would have to pay £38 to see the Doctor, plus the cost of the prescription. This could not happen in France, where if you are old you are treated with respect, especially if you have a chronic disease. Yes, they would charge you, but they would see you first and if you couldn't pay they would make arrangements. In my own Country, I was asked for the money up front, something I never thought could happen, and incidentally something which didn't happen before the NHS. O.K. so I should have had the Form ll2, which I have just found about, and will get for future visits.

So if I didn't have the £38, or the price of the prescription, what should I have done? Answer, gone out into the street and laid down until someone called an ambulance, then clogged up the already clogged up A & E., and probably take a much needed bed from someone. How ridiculous. I went to another Doctor much further away, who knew me. It was sorted.

I'm angry at the way I was treated by the receptionist at Thurston. Of course the Doctors there have no way of knowing what she is saying to patients and in no way was it their fault. So if you don't have the right form, or the money, what do you do? Where do you go? If I forget the form next time, Shall I say I am an immigrant? Do they have to pay to visit the Doctor? Do they pay for prescriptions?

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