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(as the patient),

What I liked


What happened on Friday 2 Jan 09 8PM.

Fell down the stairs & hurt both feet & 1 knee and could not walk.

Was driven to Warrington Hospital.

4 different people saw me, with hardly any communication between them.

Then a nurse ? said "we'll X ray 1 foot and one knee", then fortunately both feet were X rayed.

Then 4th person came (doctor ?), said good news "nothing broken".

l asked for copy of the X rays as i was going back to France.

Answer: NO.

Then male nurse (or assistant?) came, said you can have elastic strip bandage on one foot.

i said both my feet hurt equally.

He replied you can have a strip only on one foot, but you can choose on which foot l put it.

Arbitrarily l selected the right foot.

He put the strip, then he said now you can go.

(This is not a Benny Hill show)

Then l asked for a wheel chair (my husband had driven a car parked at 20m from the Emergency).

He said NO.

With help l started to walk cm by cm.

Realising the 20m trip to the car would take about 2 or 3 H, he said OK you can have a wheel chair back to the car.

End or the "treartment in Warrington hospital"

Back in France, l just had my 2 feet re X rayed.

Here is the answer translated from French (specialist will understand):


"linear image oblique of right malleole fibulaire with cut off corticale: recent crack"


Hence in plain English: A CRACKED BONE.

What could be improved

- A doctor or x ray specialist able to read an X ray & detect a cracked bone.

- A male nurse which put a strip on both feet if both feet are twisted (unless he follows strictly doctor's orders, in which case drastic re training should be considered).

- An anti-pain prescription should be given (none was proposed)

Anything else?

Unlike the X ray taken at Warrington hospital Friday 2 Jan at 10PM copy of which was denied to me, you are welcomed to have a copy of the X rays taken in France this day 12 Jan 09.

Better still, should this help, l can have the French specialist to point crack location.

Story from NHS Choices

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