"8 year old boy"

I attended the walk in centre on Tuesday evening at 9pm with 8 year old son , he was very distressed couldn't stop crying and was clearly in a lot of pain . He was getting sharp pains in his ear . When we arrived we were told he would be put as urgent as he was clearly in a lot of pain. I advised the receptionist that I had given him calpol and iboprifen over the evening but it wasn't working apart from taking his temperature down . We were told 30mins . We waited over an hour which I was still relatively happy with and appreciated being seen urgently even though there was people in the waiting room . Although no one was distressed or clearly in pain . I know this doesn't mean they were not Ill but most commented saying how bad they felt for my little boy . We got taken into a room with a nurse who took his temperature and said because his temp was ok she couldn't go anything else yet . She advised she could do an ear assessment but she needed to see other people do we would have to wait in the queue to see an actual doctor which would be another 2 hours . By this point it was nearly 10.45 my son was still clearly distressed . I asked why we were not told this was just to check his temp and why she couldn't spend 2 minutes looking into his ear to tell us he needed antibiotics which was already clear to us all . She then got funny and said she had t had a break and only had a cup of tea . I obviously understand how hard people work but obviously my concern was my very tired very upset son . We decided not to wait as he was so tired and begged to not have to wait any longer . Took him home dosed him up and had a very restless night . First thing in the morning we got an appointment at the doctor she took 30 seconds to look in his ear and straight away said his ear drum could of burst he has an infection . She was appalled the nurse didn't look in his ear the night before and that she let a little boy go in that much pain . I completely respect it's a busy place and I do not expect any sort of preferential treatment over anyone else . But the process was wrong . The nurse told me she could of helped but she wouldn't as she needed to see others . I find it the shambles and I really hope I never have to go there again . It's completely put me off I would now go straight to A and E . At least they will help us .

Story from NHS Choices

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