"Unsympathetic response to miscarriage at Pembury Hospital"

About: Kent & Sussex Hospital / Accident and emergency Pembury Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

In October, at 11 weeks pregnant, I started having some bleeding. I was hoping so much that it was nothing serious, as I had had previous bleeding which led to nothing. After ringing the NHS line and being told to rest, I did just that. I was awoken in the early hours with severe cramping and heavier bleeding. Worried and upset I drove to Kent and Sussex A and E.

The normal checks were made on my heart rate, blood pressure etc. I was advised that to check all was ok with my baby I would need a scan. A scan was booked for that morning approx 9am at Pembury Hospital.

By the time I arrived at Pembury I was distraught as I knew I was losing my baby. Whilst in the waiting area for my scan I was surrounded by mothers to be, and there was I sitting there knowing I was losing my baby.

When we entered the room for my final scan I was hoping so much I was wrong. It was not to be and I was advised my baby had died, and probably a while ago due to the size. My partner and I were devastated.

We were then moved to a consultation room and waited to see a doctor. The doctor we saw I do not recall her name. I am sure on my records it states which doctor consulted me after our sad news. It was not as such a consultation - she just gave me a leaflet on miscarriage and said I should go home and I would receive a heavy period.

I advised her of the bleeding. She offered neither sympathy, a pad for the bleeding or a follow up consultation.

By the time I arrived home I had bled through all of my clothes, and was in excruciating pain. Walking into our house I felt like my insides had come out. Clots of blood fell though my trouser leg onto the kitchen floor.

To cut a long story short I started losing consciousness and was rushed back to A and E at Kent and Sussex and to Pembury due to the huge amount of blood loss and my low blood pressure. After 2 painful yet unsuccessful internals I had an ERPC.

The point of my story is the treatment I received at Kent and Sussex and Pembury when I was rushed in by ambulance was fantastic - kind, efficient and sympathetic, yet the doctor I saw when my world fell apart was the exact opposite.

I therefore hope this situation is looked into as I would hate someone else to be treated in the same cold and unhelpful manner in which I was when I lost my baby.

Everyone deals with miscarriage in different ways but for a lot of people it is a huge loss. I have always been a positive, self-motivated individual, yet 3 months on I still have not come to terms with my loss. I am writing this not for myself but in the hope that others enduring this heart-breaking experience receive more support and advice early on in their miscarriage.

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