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(as the patient),

I have bpd, depression and learning problems.

I phoned Single Point of Access because I was in crisis, was told that someone from the crisis team will phone me back.

when the women phoned me back from the crisis team she told me to go for a walk, I told her that it doesn't help, she still told me to go for a walk. she told me to phone dial house and to go there, I told that I find it hard to be around people and she told me to phone dial house and to phone back in a few hours if I still felt the same.

I phoned dial house and told her that the crisis team told me to phone up and that I didn't want to go to the house and that I find it hard to be around people. she told me that they will not take me and to phone the crisis team back.

I phoned the single point of access and told them what the women said, she told me told hold on while she told the crisis team. when she got back on the phone to me she said that the crisis team said to phone back in a few hours.

I phoned back a few hours later and was told that the crisis team are very busy and that they will phone me back soon.

It was a nurse from the crisis team that phoned me, and asked me if I phoned dial house and I said yes. (it looks like single point of access didn't pass on the massage early on). I was told to go get ready for bed and to go bed. I told the nurse things like that don't help, but I was still told to go do it. The nurse said they were going to phone the police. I asked how do I make a complaint about, but got no answer and didn't say anything more about the police. The nurse was on the phone for about 20 mins saying the same things. I could hear the staff in the background talking, so they can't be that busy.

2 mins after another nurse phoned me, i was told to go get a shower, I told her things like that will not help me, I was still told to go get a shower. I could hear the staff in the background and also heard the other nurse talking about me and laughing.

Why do we have a crisis team when they will not go out and see people when their in crisis? why tell someone with a learning problems that your gonna phone the police? It feels like you can't be bothered doing your job right.

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Response from Leeds and York NHS Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dear noavenues,

I was very disappointed to hear about your experience of our single point of access and crisis services, which on this occasion you found unsupportive.

It sounds as if you felt that the advice you were given on this occasion was not helpful to you and that the staff you spoke to could not be bothered to help.

This is certainly not the experience we want people to have when they contact our services and I am very sorry you were left feeling unsupported.

Without knowing more information about your particular case it’s difficult for me to speak in detail and so I would like to invite you to contact us so we can look into this further.

It may be that we need to work together to put together a plan that we can follow which will work better when you’re experiencing a crisis. If the team know more about what works well for you, we can hopefully avoid suggesting things which you find unhelpful.

It would be good if you could contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). They will be keen to help you organise this and they can be reached on 0800 0525790 or pals.lypft@nhs.net

On behalf of the single point of access service I am genuinely sorry that you did not feel your needs were met by the service on this occasion.

But I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your story on Patient Opinion. I will make sure your comments are seen by the team and we will use them as we do all stories, to review and improve the service we provide to people when they are experiencing a crisis.

I sincerely hope that your situation has improved and that together we can work towards better supporting you in the future.

Kind regards,

Janet Johnson

Clinical Operations Manager (Acting) Crisis Assessment Service

Single Point of Access Lead

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Update posted by noavenues (the patient)

I have contact PALS, they will be in touch soon