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(as other),

I would like to share my concerns about the way the Patient Opinion website is managed and the replies that certain complaints receive from NHS personnel.

I believe that some responses to complaints are issued without a proper investigation into the circumstances behind the initial contact. There should be and is a complaints and grievances procedure, this I support fully however it should be carried out in strict confidentiality and with a proper investigation.

The practice of posting the complaints with NHS staff names must stop or be censored as this not only creates a feeling of isolation and stress to the employee but could also create ill feeling towards their employer.

The patients needs are of course the priority here, but without a highly motivated and respected NHS workforce the high standards expected by the public of the NHS will rapidly take a turn for the worse.

NHS employees should feel valued. To be posting a 'most apologetic' public response to the complainer before an investigation is only going to create a sense of division between employee and employer and could lead to grievances being taken out against the NHS employer.

Staff confidentiality should be given the same priority as the patients.

Errors and mistakes will occur and should be investigated in a professional manner with minimum stress to the patient AND the members of staff.

How much investigation is carried out to a 'complaint' or 'grievance' posted to Patient Opinion?

The NHS is a great service and should be held in the highest regard by members of the public as it is by the NHS employees.

Do not destroy this great institution by constantly kicking the employee and the service in the public domain.

Fact find first and give Praise when praise is due. If there is a case to answer then let it be investigated and resolved within the correct boundaries of employer and employee rights.

NHS - value your staff.


Response from Gina Alexander, Director, Care Opinion Scotland, Care Opinion

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Dear Support the NHS

Thanks for sharing your concerns here and glad you felt able to do so. You raise a number of points which make me wonder if others are also feeling concerned about the same issues.

We agree with you that staff should feel valued. We want staff to feel appreciated and encouraged and judging by the fact that around half the stories shared on Patient Opinion are good news stories: of heartfelt thanks, appreciation, encouragement and praise, so do many, many others.

We agree with you that staff confidentiality should be prioritised! We moderate all stories shared with us before we publish and share them. You can read our moderation policy here:


I wanted to respond to you about these points in particular but would like to respond to your concerns more fully via a blog. By doing this we can, hopefully, encourage a wider debate.

I will post again here to let you know when that blog is live.

Very much appreciate you taking the time to share these views.

All the best


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Response from Care Opinion

Dear Support the NHS

I've posted that blog now. You can find it here


You can make a comment there as can others.

Thanks again for being in touch and hope it helps.

All the best


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