"Smithfield Detox Centre Manchester changed my life "

About: Turning Point Substance Misuse Services / Smithfield Residential Detoxification Unit

(as a service user),

I was recently discharged from Smithfield. And I believe I won't be able to put into words how amazing I found this service. Before I was admitted into detox I was in self destruct. I was\am working which was a hindrance because the money I was earning made my habit spiral out of control and I truly believe I would be dead if I didn't get the help from this detox.

When I was on my way to Smithfield, I was a bit negative. I was consuming 60ml of methadone and 1/8oz of heroin intravenously and thought I had passed the point of return. On entering detox, I was welcomed by staff and their positive attitude rubbed off on me and something felt right. It was like the weight of the world was lifted of the world was lifted from my shoulders. Within 5 days of being in Smithfield, I had my last dose of methadone. On the 6 day, I started my recovery and I can honestly say, with the medication and help I was given, I have had worse colds than how I felt during this detox.

It is so upsetting that I have been trying to conquer my demon's for approx. 20 years and I have been to hell and back several times over. The pain of trying to withdraw is immense and the heartbreak of failure over and over again is equal if not worse. I only found out what detox was 1 month ago, although I have engaged with local services on and off all the way through my addiction.

I feel this service is helping miracles happen. People walk through the door hell bent and in despair, and walk out free from addiction, head up high with the opportunity to achieve their god given right to life free from the slavery of active addiction.

It's not just the getting clean either, through group sessions, introduction to NA and other general info, I feel I have the tools to conquer any mountain my addiction throws at me. I learnt in 3 weeks of being there that I am an addict for life and total abstinence is the only way I'll stay clean. If you said this 5 weeks ago, I would have thought you were insane.

I honestly think there should be more funding for this service. It is false economy sending people to prison, putting addiction on hold rather than solving the problem. Prison detox doesn't work, as you're being forced to detox will only last until you walk through the gate, because to conquer addiction has to be self choice and for self. I'll finish now and end by saying I can't say thank you enough to Smithfield services. I`ll never forget or take for granted how you have changed my life.

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