"A difficult pregnancy and felt abandoned on..."

About: Whipps Cross University Hospital

Whips maternity ward is understaffed and not very clean (particularly the toilets). I had a difficult pregnancy where a large dermoid cyst was rupturing and going into torsion at various points. I was eventually induced at 37 weeks after a few days of continuous (severe) pain. I felt abandoned on the ward and at times had been left strapped to the monitor and forgotten. After the birth I still had a lot of complications and pain but again felt abandoned and a burden to the staff there. As far as they were concerned they had played their part in delivering my baby and the problems I continued to have was no longer the responsibility of their department. Trying to get a specialist afterwards to see me was also a problem (yet I was still in hospital where you would expect it would be easy to be given help!). I was even referred to social services after I spoke to a member of staff on the maternity ward saying I was worried how I would cope because of the on-going pains I had. I was only made aware of this when someone came to see me about the referral and after speaking to me realised it was totally inappropriate and wrong in my case. All I needed was for the hospital to investigate the on-going pains and work out how they could be managed until I was able to have my operation for the cyst (eventually removed at 5 weeks). I could go on and on about all the failings I experienced but it would be too much to write down. Overall a horrible experience and would never go back there again. Only one nurse really seamed to care, the nurse on the transitional ward/SCIBU was fantastic. Unfortunately she too had too much work to be able to stay in one spot for long. She is the only person who made the experience bearable after 14 days of being in hospital on the maternity ward.

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