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About: Homerton University Hospital

I had my first baby at Homerton just over a year ago and, after discussing with a friend recently, decided I should review it so I might save some other families the same trauma. (I did actually sent a huge complaint letter and they never even bothered to get back to me about it) I do have to say, majority of my labour ward midwives were ok – I was in there for 34hrs so I saw a few. Had a few cold and rude ones but I managed to have a healthy baby naturally so I thank them for that. The problems started when we, after over 30hrs in labour, were told we'd have to stay in as I had lost so much blood and contracted an infection during labor. They didn't have room in post natal straight away and as we were so exhausted they told us to sleep in the delivery ward til the morning. My husband would have happily slept on cold concrete, but they didn't even mop the floor which was covered in all sorts of things (I lost 3pints of blood so you can imagine) and it took ages to chase down someone with a mop to come and make it barely clean enough. We were also treated like we were being difficult for wanting this! Then the real horror started when we were stuck in the post natal ward for 6 days. Thankfully I got a paid private room which was quieter but I felt like I was treated differently for being in there – a bit like a spoilt child (even though we were paying for it!). Others have since said the same as this. I was told by the delivery suite doctor not to walk as I was too weak and that a midwife would take my baby for injections 3 times a day but this never happened. When I told a midwife this she bluntly told me it was not her job and I'd have to do it 'like everyone else'. It look me half an hour to get down to ICU as I had to sit every few steps – no one asked if I was ok or offered to help, except other mums! It was like a war zone with women walking up and down the corridors crying and midwives completely ignoring them, which was so surreal as I thought they were there to help and have at least a little empathy. This review could go forever so I will just bullet point the rest of the issues we had during our stay: - They lost my daughter's blood results after waiting days for results - I was given completely contradictory direction from different members of staff, with some even angrily reprimanding me for doing what another had suggested (who shouts at a sleep-deprived new mum?!) - they forgot to replace my antibiotic drip numerous times - many midwives were just plain mean, and so many other mums were as shocked at this as me as we expected at least minmal friendliness - we had to discharge ourselves as the woman processing us just went home - we were given the wrong drugs to take home - we were given someone elses maternity folder along with our own to take home I have since heard so many other stories just like mine, and hope that this review either stops people going to Homerton, or even better, prompts Homerton to improve..

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