"Missed diagnosis by 2 GP's. Staphylococcus Infection"

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(as a relative),

My 27 year old son who regularly worked out at the gym had injured his back and was unable to move out of his bed. A call was made to his GP after 2 days in bed asking for him to make a house call. The receptionist said they didn't make house calls to 27 year olds and he could have a telephone consultation. During this consultation the GP decided to make the home visit. After examining him he prescribed pain relief and left. 2 days later, and no improvement another call was made and a locum GP was called, and he increased the meds, gave a pain releiving injection and left. My son was sweating profusely, so much so that the matress was soaked and linen was changed on several occasions. This was explained to both GP's but neither of them took his temperature or listened to his chest. By the 6th day which was a Saturday another call was made to the NHS Help Line and after explaining all what had happened the doctor there decided to send an ambulance as my son was semi conscious and complaining of headaches and nausea. He was taken by ambulance to Southend Hospital. Everyone in A & E were brilliant, they did all test including ECG, Blood & Urine. He had a rapid heartrate and high temperature. He was put on fluids and eventually moved to the Medical Assessment Unit for further investigations. He was then seen by 2 excellent doctors who recognised that there was much more going on than just back pain. One doctor detected a noise in his chest. He was admitted to a ward at 10pm - 7 hours after arriving after being started on antibiotics.

It was 10 days before he was discharged, and could just about walk with the aid of crutches. He had been suffering from a Staphylcoccus infection that had entered his bloodstream, and he was suffering from pneumonia. It has taken several weeks for him to recover fully.

My thanks to the NHS Direct Helpline and the common sense of the doctor there to recognise, without seeing his patient, that something was really wrong and admitting him to hospital. Also the excellent service received once he arrived at Southend Hospital by those in A & E, Assessment Unit and ward.

My disgust and anger that the local GP's didn't recognise that he had a fever and neglected the obvious signs that something more serious was taking place. Also the surgery concerned for its blazae attitude in not making house calls to anyone aged 27!

I would encourage anyone that is dissatisfied with their GP's diagnosis to persist or seek alternative medical help and not sit back and wait. If we had waited much longer, the outcome may have been very different.

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