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About: Community Mental Health Services for Colchester, Tendring and Outreach Service (MVA) for Suffolk

(as the patient),

I have a serious complaint regarding the crisis team in colchester. I was refered to them late in march and saw a female who works there who calmed me and told me I only need to wait two weeks to start my therapy and have an appointment.

I then returned on 2 days later via my GP to the crisis team and saw another member of staff who also told me I only had to wait two weeks.

I patiently waited. Then in my time of crisis on the more than 3 weeks later, I rang the trust team between 9 and 10 pm very distressed and panicked and needed to speak to someone and get my appointment sorted as I had heard nothing. I spoke to a different female worker who rung the crisis team and called me back as she chased this. She rang a few times and then got a man from the crisis team to call me directly. He advised me due to my working hours he would get someone to call me yesterday. He did recommend the first person I saw call me, however, she was not on shift in suitable hours.

After finding out from him I had been referred back to health in mind from the crisis team for a second time I rang them regarding the appointment I was told I should have had 2-3weeks ago. They advises I have not had an assessment with them so needed to book that in for May there earliest appointment then it would be months before I receive therapy. I spoke to a worker at health in mind initially on this matter.

I rung the crisis team back around 4pm having taken the day off work to try and get my appointment sorted. They advised they cannot book appointments for health in mind there and the worker said she cannot see any record of being made a appointment for 2 weeks from my assessment with them. I wanted to know why they had advised me this when they are a different organisation, as well as, a couple of other queries which she could not answer. She also advised I need to speak to the initiial staff member, however, I advises I would be unable to speak to her without taking more time off work to do so due to my working hours and my inability to take my phone on site.

The person then also advised me I did not require an assessment from health in mind as they would use my assessment from them; the opposite to what health in mind told me.

I could hear and sense the frustration with me so I left the phone call with the intention of finding my answers from whom I was expecting a phone call at 7pm today.

It reached 7. 20pm and I had no phone call so I rang the trust line to chase up my phone call. A staff member answered my call and said he will ring the crisis team and chase the phone call for me.

He rang me back and advises the crisis team would not be calling me and as per my conversation with the previous person, I will need to speak to the initial person tomorrow between 8am and 3. 30pm and if I am unable to speak at these times I need to arrange a more suitable time with them. I told them I did not ask to not receive the phone call and was not informed this would not happen due to speaking to a receptionist at the crisis team when I require a conversation with a mental health professional.

I was very frustrated and advised him what I have already advised the others that I will need to take a day off work again to speak to the initial worker, or I need to speak to someone else as I was advised someone would be calling me.

The crisis team have not called me and have gone against what they have told me on more than one occasion and I feel this to be bad practice and of no help to those with mental health issues. I get very agitated very easily, the main reason I was referred. This has heightened those feelings and I have received dry bad communication from a team whom should be supportive of those in mental crisis.

I hope you take note of this as I am trying to find out why I was misinformed? Was it simply an admin error? Is everyone being told the same when the crisis team are not actually aware of the processes for health in mind? Do health in mind and the crisis team communicate with each other? Why am I not being called back?

My questions are still left unanswered and no appointments are scheduled.

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