"Terrrible Medical Accident occured at this..."

My mother went to the London Bridge Hospital do a colonoscopy (camera up your intestines) Tuesday 14th - It was meant to be a simple routine investigation. She was very healthy, active and fit when she walked in. I was due to go and pick her up from the hospital but I did not hear anything, so when I rang, they told me that there had been complications and that she had been admitted to the hospital. When I arrived, I found out that the consultant made a mistake and made a big hole in her intestines. She was rolling around in great pain, her abdomen had swollen like a balloon as the carbon dioxide gas and dirty bacteria had leaked outside into her abdomen. The consultant called a Surgeon who said that she has to be operated on immediately. They immediately took her to the operating theatre. The Surgeon said that the hole was quite big (1.5cm) and that as it was towards the back, they had to make a bigger cut in her abdomen, and that there were already some infection due to the hole, so it was a good decision to operate on her immediately. They took all of her insides out to reach the where the hole was and had to clean all the organs with white spirit. She spent one day in intensive care and was moved to the Surgical ward of the hospital. She was in great pain and she was on so many drips (morphine, antibiotics, liquid) and oxygen masks, it was so distressing watching her. I was so worried that something else could go wrong, especially after I saw a nurse drop her glove on the floor, put it back on again and gave my mother an intravenus, I tried to be at the hospital as long hours as possible to watch over her. It was several days before she could drink and then eat. On Sunday 19th when we thought she was making some progress, they thought there might be something wrong with her heart and she was transferred to the Cardiology ward. They said that it’s possible she might have had a heart attack. This was another shock. The results finally arrived Tues night, which showed that her heart is ok, but she needs to work on her lungs to get back to normal as they had shrunk during the operation and contain some water due to lying in the hospital bed. I cannot describe how terrifying and awful it has been. I really thought that she was going to die on several occasions. My mother was a fit and active person when she walked into the hospital. Now she came out with a huge scar, with an infection inside, so had to make another hole into her abdomen so that the abscess can come out, she walks like a 90 year old, weak and in pain. The Hospital nor Consultant gave any proper explanation of what happened, what is the likely impact on her health, nor what her survival chances are, I was left alone thinking she might die for several days. The worst thing is that the Consultant did not properly look at the intestines before he made a hole, so that we do not know whether my mother still has any polyps or not, which was the initial reason.

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