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About: Royal Blackburn Hospital

I was admitted via Ambulance late evening on a Friday. Within 1hour the A&E doctor had told me about several different problems I may have and was advised I would have to stay in over night. I was moved to the surgical unit (even though surgery was not needed) I was left in a waiting room on an uncomfortable seat for 2hours before a nurse noticed me and offered me a bed! A on call doctor then came to visit me to discuss my options (this was about 11pm) and told me I could go home. Even though I was still in kits of pain, still throwing up and had not been told what was wrong with me. I told the doctor i would not go home until I had been reviewed and told what was wrong with me. I was then moved onto a ward with a proper bed. I asked the nurses what was wrong with me and they wasn't even aware I had been admitted via ambulance the night before. They thought I was a walk in that morning. After three days of being on the ward and nurses not knowing anything and doctors passing me from pillar to post I was advised i would need a laparoscamy. I was placed on nil by mouth at 2am and by 9pm still hadn't been taken to surgery not had I been offered any pain relief during the day. A nurse came to visit me at 11.50pm (after being nil by mouth since 2am the previous day) and informed me I wouldn't be going to surgery that day as they couldn't find my echo results. I was slightly confused as to why they would need my echo results from 4months ago. The nurse explained that surgery might be too risky and they had searched the entire hospital records for the results. I then advised the nurse I had had the tests done at a different hospital and the nurse was shocked that I hadn't been asked this question before. I was given a brew and a biscuit then put back on nil by mouth just after midnight! The surgical team came to visit me early morning on rounds and advised that if they couldn't find the results before 10am then I would have to have another echo (which would take 3 days) and surgery after that. What was most annoying was the doctor told me it might just be easier to discharge me as my symptoms might just 'fade away!' This infuriated me. I had been in hospital for 5days, nil by mouth for nearly 32hours and was now being told i should be discharged!!! After one phone call to my GP I had the results from my echo faxed to the ward and gave them to the doctor. No thanks or anything. I was taken for my op later that afternoon. Upon waking that night I was told the results were fine. None of the doctors knew was wrong and in the end they just discharged me with two lots of antibiotics and told my illness would go. Two weeks after being out I am still in pain and still throwing up. I have now been off work for three weeks, unpaid, and struggling. I wouldn't recommend this hospital unless you know exactly what is wrong.

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