"Little help from GP for stress and panic attacks"

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(as the patient),

I have been a patient at a surgery in Barking for almost 10 years now. The doctors were ok at the time.

But since the past two years they have changed it almost makes me feel like they are bored of seeing me as their patient. I work in a place where I am on my feet all day and get very few chances to sit down. The environment is such that one feels vulnerable because I deal with customers from all walks if life. The chances of being verbally abused and physically assaulted are very high, and then there is the constant threat of some person higher in the company trying to bully you or set you up to make your life hell.

So over the years I have suffered from various illnesses. And the most demanding one is stress. I recently had a bereavement and I have been devastated with the loss if that person. I have been suffering from constant lack of sleep, panic attacks and being disorientated.

When I went to see my GP I was greeted with a rather sarcastic grunt and then as I started to explain to him about my problem and how it was affecting me and my shift work I was told by my GP that it wasn't his problem that I could not handle my shifts.

I was shocked at what I was hearing and literally had to beg my GP and explain to him that he was the only person I could express my medical problems to. He ignores that comment and then went on to prescribe some medicine to help me sleep. I found it all very bizarre and shocking that a doctor would behave in such a manner.

My condition got worse ever since that experience. Now I wake up at nights in a panic numerous amounts of times, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach and feel sick often. I then carried on going to work on the medication he had prescribed for me still under immense amount if stress. As I finished the course my GP had given and all the time attending work, I decided to make an appointment to see my GP again.

Two days after finishing the meds, I once again was subject to bullying at work and was suspended by a manager in a rather nasty way. That night I was a mess I hadn't slept at all. I started suffering from severe cramps and feeling sick in the following days. I constantly feel disorientated and sometimes do things that I can't really explain.

I went to my GP who this time was another doctor. I explained to her about my symptoms and explained to her about everything that had happened in the past couple of months. She responded to me in a rather sceptical manner as if though she was trying to catch me out of something. She said that I needed to have a bath before I got to sleep and that will help. She then told me that I should do the things I enjoy and that relaxation exercises are useful.

I explained to her that I had tried these things in the past and they had not worked for me, to which she said that she wants me to try again. I found that she was not ready to listen to what I had to say and that no matter how much I explained to her she would not accept that as fact. Almost like she wasn't believing me.

I was then told by her that I am under a lot of stress but she doesn't think it is appropriate for me to stay away from the place where I had been bullied. I found this quite bizarre.

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