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(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

These are the latest comments from our Service Users that have been fed back to us as part of the Patient Experience Questionnaires;

PEQ: Before I was referred to Rightsteps I was having panic attacks and felt unable to cope with my problems. Using the work book and discussing with my therapist ways of coping, such as using the worry tree, allocating a worry time as well as using the relaxation CD have really helped. I'll always be a worrier but I have now got the tools to work through my problems.

PEQ: I had 2 telephone sessions with Sharon. She really helped me to understand my feelings and how to cope and manage them. I felt so much better about my situation and am very grateful for her support.

PEQ: I attended first session of low mood group. I was aware what had caused my low mood and although quite enjoyed the group it didn’t seem to apply to my situation. Laura contacted me and suggested ringing again if I needed help. Extremely satisfied.

PEQ: Lucy helped me more than I ever thought possible.

PEQ: Joanne was a great therapist, who was very understanding, attentive, sympathetic, showed a great deal of compassion and never stopped me from being myself. At the same time Joanne was truly professional, yet managed to be a person whom I felt comfortable with sharing my personal experiences. I was always treated with dignity and Joanne's nature made this an easier process of therapy for me. Thank you so much Joanne for everything you have done to help me xxxx

PEQ: A very positive experience gave me a new perspective and helped me enormously in recognising and changing my behaviours, I cannot thank Lucy and the rest of the team enough.

PEQ: I'd like to thank the whole team at Rightsteps Wakefield for your support and guidance, particularly to Iso and Briony. I could not have turned my life around without their professionalism and care. Once again, thank you.

PEQ: The service made me understand my problems better and made me realise it was not a "help all". My Social Anxiety has made great progress but I need further help on other things tot, which I think is more pressing (worry, stress). Lucy was great, and very understanding, helpful.

PEQ: I have been hugely impressed with the care, consideration and understanding provided by the service. My care-worker took the time to listen, be non-judgmental and supportive. My treatment has given me a renewed purpose in life. This has been a life changing experience for me, I cannot thank you enough. Brilliant service.

PEQ: Let me talk about my Mum who died and I never got to say goodbye to properly and felt left out of the events after her death. I know my Mum loved me!

PEQ: I thought the treatment was good and know that if I ever need right steps again that they are there for me.

PEQ: My Therapist Stephen was committed to helping me from day one, until the last session. I cannot thank him enough, he has changed my life forever and I hope to use all he has taught me to overcome my illness.

PEQ: Carlyn (the person who did my initial assessment) stated at the beginning of the call that she may go quiet from time to time as she was typing what I was saying I found this very useful as I didn't feel like I was talking to a wall. She was empathetic and kind, she made it easy for me to open up.

PEQ: The CB Therapy I have had with Gail has helped me change my life for the better, no words can thank Gail enough, I will be eternally grateful! !

PEQ: Sarah was a lovely lady who was professional and easy to work with. She helped me face my problems. Thank you Sarah.

PEQ: Excellent service and issues dealt with excellent one to one sessions and not felt as if issues were insignificant.

PEQ: Your friendly and professional staff helped me to deal with my worries and reduce anxiety.

PEQ: I found the experience a very good one and felt extremely comfortable with my therapist. I feel she listened and found the skills I learnt very helpful.

PEQ: Good to find that the way I was feeling was Panic Attacks and that helped to work out how to face those feelings.

PEQ: Everyone very friendly - kept in touch by phone through the whole process. I feel better in myself knowing they are there to ask for help if needed.

PEQ: Thank you for your help and understanding which has helped me improve my wellbeing

PEQ: Very pleased so far, looking forward to further sessions.

PEQ: I have very much appreciated all of the time and support I have received from Rightsteps. I have attended group CBT sessions and many group workshops. I did struggle with the concepts of CBT which seemed to be a running concept throughout all of the workshops. This would be the only difficulty I experienced. Many thanks.

PEQ: I found the service to be very helpful and the therapist, Briony, was both sympathetic and supportive.

PEQ: Very helpful and understanding.

PEQ: Yes I lost my job partly to my hospitalisation. During my CBT sessions my worries about looking for a new position was noted. I did get a job during the 6 weeks and was talked through my worries and anxieties about this new challenge. Been working nearly 3 months and a lot more in control.

PEQ: Helpful, informative and confidence boosting.

PEQ: Leanne was very helpful. I haven't been to the second meeting yet, waiting for a date, but I feel it should be quite helpful to me personally.

PEQ: I felt the group was more structured but having said that I do feel better after my time with you.

PEQ: I had 14 sessions with your service and I have benefitted so much, I now think I am able to cope better with my life. Very much appreciated thank you.

PEQ: The service you have offered me has been good. I feel I can learn to deal with my problems in a different way and think differently which has made a great difference. It is also a good thing knowing you are a phone call away if it was necessary to speak so someone. Thank you.

PEQ: Laura is a pleasure to work with!

PEQ: All staff were friendly and helpful. Caroline helped me to understand how my thoughts affected my actions and how I could change them to help myself. Iso was a great support to me, every time I saw him he helped me to believe in myself and I always felt more confident. I felt he really believed in me.

PEQ: Laura - supported, encouraged and listened to me without any judgement or made me feel anything but positive in her belief in me. Laura listened - spoke to me without making me feel anything but motivated knowing that I can pick up the phone and call Laura even now is the biggest support. Laura even young was professional and outstanding a real asset to Turning Point and a huge support to me. Thank you Laura.

PEQ: My therapist Clare was very good. She has enabled me to recognise my difficulties and shown me a range of strategies for self help in the future in “my toolkit”. Clare was lovely – very warm and empathetic. I miss my sessions!

PEQ: Just cannot thank Lucy enough for all that she has done for me. I have my life back and can finally enjoy being a Mum!

PEQ: Very friendly and sympathetic therapist who helped me to understand and manage my thought processes.

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