"Lack of care for my husband"

About: Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske)

recently in January my husband was admitted to the carnkie ward, the lack of cleanliness on the ward was so disgusting, i struggled to remain in there, im a hygienic person and i would not tolerate a home being in that condition let alone a ward for seriously sick people, i could barely walk in my husbands room because i was getting stuck to the floor as a spillage had not been cleaned up, as with everything on the ward the nurses just say ''we'll send someone to sort it out later'' later never comes. on one occasion i was stood outside my husbands room with my son as the nurses were helping my husband off the comode and we heard one say '' what was that i just stepped on? oh its a crystal'' the other nurse replied 'oh i stepped on that earlier i thought it was a bit of rubbish hehe'' the nurse had thought it was a bit of rubbish when she stepped on it, so why was it left there for another nurse to step on? i've mentioned enough about cleanliness (even though i could say a lot more) it's time i talk about the level of care my husband received, He was unable to sleep due to constant noise from nurses station, and the fact they always left the door open for his room, which they had no reason too ( i checked) , his medication never arrived on time assuming it arrived at all, nurses failed to carry out routine checks and other medications ordered by the doctors, my husband struggled very much to talk and despite this if i phoned in the morning to ask about his condition, the nurse would say ''hold on please'' and pass the phone on to my husband ( woke him up if he was asleep) , needless to say it was extremely hurtful for me to hear my husband struggle to say '' i want to come home'' . the nurses buzzer was always purposely placed out of reach, i say 'purposely' because you could see that from the location the buzzer was in ( impossible for it to slip to where it was) . when my husband was told he might not make it, the doctors told him by himself, and decided not to notify me, so i ended up receiving a message from my husband wandering why i wasn't down the hospital with him. when i arrived at the hospital with my family, a young doctor told us he had a battle ahead of him for the next few weeks but he could be back to the way he was before he came in or it could go the other way, my son stayed with my husband over night, his condition didn't change and yet the next day a different doctor told me when i arrived that my husband had a matter of days, my husband wanted to be sent home immediately and he was told that he could but the hospital couldn't do anything about it because the weekend was coming up, my sister in-law couldn't believe it so she hired a private ambulance to pick him up the next day resulting in a cost of £350, had we waited till monday for the hospital to get him home, my husband wouldn't of got his last wish to be at home as he passed away early hours of tuesday morning at the age 55, thankfully we did get him home though.

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