"lack of communication"

About: Northern General Hospital / Trauma and orthopaedics

(as a relative),

I attended the outpatient physiotherapy department at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield this morning. It was my first physio appointment following major reconstruction surgery to my foot seven weeks ago. The physio department had been in receipt of the referral card from the consultant since last week.

The (very pleasant) physio greeted me with the comment that she could not understand the surgeon's writing so didn't know what treatment I required. I explained as best I could but she obviously wasn't familiar with the op I had had. I was very concerned as this was the latest in a long string of events where I had been seen by health professionals who didn't seem to know anything about me or my treatment.

I am fast losing confidence in the people responsible for my rehab. The physio decided she needed to look at my notes and rearranged the appointment for 2 weeks time. Why don't they look at patients' care plans beforehand if they are unfamiliar with the condition?

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