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(as the patient),

I was referred for a ultrasound by my GP to check the cause of heavy bleeding and change in period cycle.

Doctor who did the ultrasound quickly told me that there is a polypoid in the uterus which needs to be removed by hysterectomy. He mentioned that the report will be sent to my GP the same day, and I should get an urgent appointment to get a referral for hysterectomy.

Second day I got a GP appointment but the GP told me they have not received the report and so cannot refer me. I had to chase the report for next 4 days but was told that the has not yet arrived by the receptionist at GP. So went back to the ultrasound clinic and obtained a copy of the report.

Again made an GP appointment, thankfully this time the Doctor told me that although I was told by the doctor once and the receptionist many times that the report has not arrived the doctor had seen the report after I saw her for the first time and referred me for hysterectomy. Though the referral was done quickly I was not aware of it and left chasing the report thinking that the doctor has not seen it.

So I got the gynaecologist appointment at Princess Royal Hospital in Bromley for end of Jan. During appointment the doctor told me they did not receive a copy of my ultrasound report from the GP, this time I had my report with me so I gave it to them and they said they will make a copy of it. Although I don't remember they or their staff making copy of the report.

I am mentioning this here as the report clearly states the size of polypoid as 1 x 1.7 cm. I was then given the hysterectomy appointment for late Feb. Before the hysterectomy the doctor told me I can also have Mirena fitted, for which I said yes as I thought of that as additional thing to have apart from removing polypoid.

However, at this stage I was only explained what Merina does but was not informed about its possible side effects. But after the hysterectomy, the doctor told me that they have not removed the polypoid as it was big and they did not have consent to remove it using surgical equipment, though they have fitted the Mirena.

After the Merina was fitted I was give a booklet to read about its side effects, looking at which I think I would rather not have it, had I been informed about it before. Additionally, one of the possible side effects of Merina is that it can increase insulin resistance. It is on my NHS records that I had previously developed symptoms of Type 2 diabetes and in such a case I do not think it is appropriate for me to have Merina. I was under impression that my consent is taken to remove the polypoid but apparently that was not the case. I am now offered another appointment after 4 months if I wish to get the polypoid removed.

So a simple day process took about 2 month after which it is still not complete. Now it seems I start all over again with all the appointments according to the hospital/doctor's convenient time (my time taken for granted). And the whole 2-3 days process will now take 6 months. turning this whole polypoid remove into nightmare.

Why do NHS/hospital/doctor has to behave in such a way that they are doing me a favour by giving us medical service?

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