"Every Interaction Counts"

About: Rotherham: Every interaction counts

(as the patient),

These are some of the things that have been said during the Every Interaction Counts training event led by Rotherham NHS FT and Patient Opinion. These comments reflect the thoughfulness of staff and their reflections during the day. They do not reflect problems or issues at Rotherham.

Its hard for relatives to ask questions - lots like staff can have a glass wall around them

'We can't help our feelings but we can help how we act'

It was great using actors to play the staff - it really helped to be able to say what you felt about what had happened.

Staff have lives too and it was great to see how the nurse's home life affected how she was at work.

What I want out of the day is concrete things that I can take back into work that will help in my busy everyday work.

Things are'nt all or nothing. Relatives tend to say 'it was wonderful' or to make a complaint' But I know that wards are mixed and something are good and somedays are bad. Its knowing what makes the difference and how to affect it that is really important.

What I want to learn more about is how to translate the ethos of 'customer carte' that you get from M&S into better care for people who are feeling lonely, vulnerable and frightened.

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