"Diagnosis confusion at Sunderland Royal"

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital / Neurology

(as the patient),

I am a truthful person, but also really scared for my health. I am really nervous writing this - but here goes…

I have had health problems for a number of years. At first, I was able to carry on working – until quite recently. I was diagnosed with different conditions over the years, but nothing seemed to quite explain the different problems I was experiencing. But l I was sent to see a consultant for a certain condition. 'At last ' I finally thought that the unknown problem was going to be found.

On my first day at the hospital, one test ruled out MS. Another test was done and I had found an almost instant improvement with some of my symptoms which both Doctors noted! Finally, I was told the name of the complaint which was confirmed by the test which was carried out. I was given medication to treat the condition. I was waiting for couple of other tests to be done.

Everything was going fine until one episode I experienced, (I am unable to say exactly what happened as I have already found my treatment affected) I heard a nurse using details of mine as self entertainment. I complained, in around about way. Then two hours later, I was home (glad in one sense and puzzled at the same time), and I was told I would be brought back for the tests another time. The new medication I had just been given, was stopped by the ward doctor (even though I had recently reported to the ward doctor that believed I felt some improvement while taking it).

I contacted the hospital after I had heard nothing more about the tests. I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary, who said there was no information about any tests I was supposed to have. So she gave me an appointment with the Consultant.

At the consultation, I learned that someone had said I had refused to take any further tests and went home. So I was told that due to lack of information, the "students" had decide that they thought I was not suffering from the condition.

I told the consultant that some inaccurate details were in my file, as I had not refused any tests! I said “why would I refuse tests which would answer the question about my health problems?” but the consultant said it would mean returning to the hospital to have them done. I said I would return, as I have no problems with the hospital. I did return for a blood test, but when I returned for the blood test, results I was told they tested negative, but negative for the first condition which had been ruled out?

I queried why I had been tested for something that had already been ruled out and not the condition which had been diagnosed with a few weeks prior. I was told that I was only interested in a more interesting name for my diagnosis.

At this point, I am totally confused (honestly this is the absolute truth). I have now been given a totally different diagnosis for something I do not have. I know I do not have the different condition because I have even been sent to see a specialist for the new condition, which I have been given in place of the other diagnosis, I was examined and had my history taken. I was told at the end of the consultation that I am not suffering from the condition I had just been diagnosed with. In the meantime, I have been sent to a colleague of my original consultant, who I had learned has been discussing my case with my original consultant. At the consultation, I took notes from my pocket (I have a very bad memory problem) but before I could read anything from my list, I was told he was very busy and had lots of patients waiting to see 'and had no time to go through my health history or symptoms, when I did speak he would interrupt and he would start speaking at the same time as I was speaking. Because of this, I was getting confused and I feel there was a little language problem on both sides. He told me I was not suffering from MS, I said I understand I do not suffer from MS.

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