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Had my 1st baby here 10 days a go was meant to be induced as id gone past 41 weeks now I go there and was prepared to have the baby either that or the next that never happend luckily the lady that was looking after me was nice and kept calling to the delivery suite to see when I'd be taken up so that day she checked me I was 2cm dilated so I did not need the gel or anything just me and baby were monitored so when I was of the machines I went walking around but still I was having contraction which were painful but never said anything then when she went home and the night staff came on one of the lady's were very rude to me I said I'm in a lot of pain and she could she as well is there anything they could give me to help she turned round and said its natural and then went on to say even the labour will be more painful that no pain killer will completely take the pain away so I was like thanks for that so she said I'll get u some tablets take them I said ok so she sat there still talking to the other staff so I said today would be nice u know and she have me a dirty look and got up do 1 hour later she came back with them....next day the other lady came back and luckily my midwife who was lovely to me through out my pregnancy came to see me as even asked way was going on cuz they were taking there time so when the other lady was keep calling them she then done another check cuz I said I feel I need to push I was 9cm dilated then... She then went and made a call then I was taken up to the midwifery led birth unit and that midwife and the student midwife were really nice and tried to follow all my demands except the water birth because I was in the at risk category so after 5 hours of labour and a 3 degree tear I got to meet my son :D.....unpleased afterwards instead of taking me to be stitched up they put me on to a bed and just left me unable to move my husband was with me also so I had to wait from 8pm when I had him till 8 am to be stitched up i thought wat a joke because the put another women who had a planned c section before me like she could not wait just half hour there was nothing wrong with her anyways I got stitched up then put on the larch ward they were nice except 1 I asked if she could help me change his nappy as I'd been on bed rest all day and was not able to move much and she she said was u Aldo it yourself your a mum now she showed me but her attitude was disgusting...would I recommend this hospital yes and no

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