"ADHD in Dorset - the NHS and the voluntary sector working together - a good experience"

About: Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

(as the patient),

It was sad to read the message from the parent of an ADHD/ASD son, who feels that they have been failed in some way through health care. As a parent myself of a 24yr old son with ADHD/ASD, I can fully understand this parents concerns but things have changed in this area and through setting up a parent support group we have become involved and provide input regarding services. Communicating with the relevant bodies within our health services has seen many changes to service improvement in this specialist area and we are pleased to confirm parent/service user representation on the WDGH NHS Trust CAMHS working Groups. As a voluntary organisation working alongside CAMHS and Paediatric services, we are moving forward in addressing the needs of our adolescents and transitions into our adult community mental health services for those with ADHD and ASD. There is also a conference taking place in 2007 on this very subject which will include the many key agencies that help deliver services that meets the needs of the service user. The Dorset ADHD Support Group would like to take this opportunity in which to thank all the teams involved in providing the care and treatment to those with ADHD and ASD at the Children’s Centre of the West Dorset General Hospital’s NHS Trust. As a voluntary organisation, we are included within any consultations on service delivery and as to how services for those with ADHD/ASD can be improved and delivered.

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