"Miscarriage care at Ysbyty Gwynedd"

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(as the patient),

For the second time in two years I felt the pain of losing another baby! Having given birth just 7 months earlier here we were losing another angel.

I called in to the local Emergency Assessment Unit on the Monday and was treated by a lovely doctor and a very nice nurse. I knew instinctively after bleeding over the weekend that I had lost my baby.

I had a scan that morning that showed I had a 4 1/2 week old fetus, but I knew I was supposed to be 8 weeks gone. The scan was inconclusive and they took HcG readings from my blood sample and a few swabs. The doctor checked me over and I seemed fine, except my heart beat was high because I was so nervous!!

Anyway, my levels were as they should be for a 4 1/2 week pregnancy, so I was to return within 48 hours to give another blood sample.

On the Wednesday I was booked in for another scan within a week and a half and my bloods were taken.The scan had been made for a day I was working, and as I had only started back efter maternity I didnt want to take a day off. I asked for it to be changed. I was to have my new scan date and my blood results am 3:30 in the afternoon when I rang the unit. But, as I was walking out of the blood reception a nurse from the ward was outside waiting to see of the new scan date she had made for me was ok, she had followed me down form the ward!!

The afternoon the unit called me, my levels had dropped significantly. But, even tough they knew and I knew I was having a miscarriage nothing was going to be done until a week to Thursday. I was going to have to walk around and get on with my life knowing I had lost my baby!! How was I going to do that??

That night I started to bleed heavily and I was in quite some pain so I called the ward and they said I could come in to be checked over if I wanted or stay home, whichever I wanted. I decided to go in.

That night the midwife/nurse that was in charge was so nice, she was very sensitive and had a very nice way of making me and my partner feel comfy. I was put in a room on my own, which I found I needed.

At 5 in the morning I woke in quite some pain and the nurses called for the midwife/nurse to come and see me. I was given a pethidine injection and told to rest.

My partner arrived at 8ish and we were left alone. The doctor came to see me later in the morning and i was given an option of an d&c in the afternoon which I accepted as I had only drank an orange juice for breakfast.

At 1:30 I was rolled into theatre and was back in the ward at 3. I was offered pain relief and was given time to rest. At 7 that night I left the ward to go home. I had been treated with respect and sensitivity, I felt the staff on the Francon Ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd, especially the unit nurse and the midwife/nurse in charge on the night shift were really really lovely. They deserve to be acknowledged for the good they do or a big fat bonus. I really appreciate what they did for me and the way I was treated there. Thank You Very Much

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