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(as the patient),

A week ago I developed chronic backache, after coping for 3 days I phoned my GP surgery to be told that no appointments were available. When I said that this was totally unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to the practice manager, I was told that this person was on holiday, and that if I was in that much pain, I should go to the local NHS walk in centre or to the local hospital.

The day after I struggled into the walk in centre and waited for my turn. The nurses on duty could tell how much pain I was in, and put the fear of god in me, by saying I could have renal colic. After taking a urine sample they decided that it wasn't renal colic (thank god).They tried to contact my GP surgery, but it's closed on Wednesdays (so don't get sick in South Manchester on Wednesday afternoons), so they asked me to come back at 7.10 p.m, to see a doctor.

The Doctor prodded and poked at my back and said that I had quite good movement for someone my age ( I'm 57 not 86) and told me take both paracetamol and ibupfrofen. which I had been doing anyway, and they did not touch the pain.

I coped for over well over a week, hobbling round, grunting and gasping at the pain. It took me half and hour to put on a pair of socks yesterday at which point I just wanted to curl up and die.

Instead I booked an appointment with an oseopath for that afternoon, spending the money I had put aside to pay my gas/electricity bill, which is due to be paid now.

The osteopath examined me properly, which was more than the doctor had done. and then manipulated my spine back into place with several loud clicks. She also gave me advice on how to treat my pain ( with ice packs and exercise before I get out bed.

My appointmet with the osteopath was yesterday, and although the pain has not completely gone, it's now bearable and I have another appointment next week.

My point is this: Why do doctors always have to prescribe drugs to anyone who enters their surgery, without even examining the patient in the correct manner.?

And why aren't osteopaths part of the NHS ? Surely millions would be saved in drugs alone, not to mention the valuable time of NHS consultants when people end up crippled with muscle atrophy?

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