"Sub standard treatment in Beacon and A&E"

About: St Mary's Hospital

Unfortunately for me I had to visit the Beacon centre on Good Friday after I had used the 111 number they thought that I should be seen by a doctor. My Mum took me up there and obviously it was busy being a Bank Holiday. I was eventually called, after waiting there for 2 hours, to see the out of hours on call GP. I was in a lot of pain with my leg and it had become very swollen and tender to the touch and I could hardly walk. The GP was worried I had a DVT so he organised for me to have a blood test. I had to wait an hour for the results which actually turned out to be over an hour and a half but thankfully it all came back normal. When asked what the problem was as it wasnt a DVT he mentioned a few things but then shrugged his shoulders, said he didnt know and told me to take pain killers!! The pain got worse during the evening so I rang 111 again and they got a Dr to ring me back, unfortunately for me it was the same Dr that I saw earlier in the day, he said that there wasnt much more he could say as he didnt know what was causing my symptoms but said he would fax a prescription to my local chemist for some stronger pain killers but if pain got worse then I should come back and I would be referred to A&E. I did have to go back (unfortunately) on Easter Monday, this time I sat for 2 and a half hours in the waiting room and then a further 30 minutes in a cubicle before I was seen only to be told by a nurse who examined me that I had probably (again) injured a tendon and to rest it and take pain killers! I can hardly walk now I might add! I didnt think this was acceptable and when she was told this she just said 'I dont know what you want me to say!' When I asked if I should have a scan she laughed and said 'we can't do that, its Bank Holiday there are no sonographers working'! I pity the poor people that are really ill on a bank holiday! She agreed to get a Dr to come and speak to me which he did but basically said the same thing, its nothing serious!! Can I have that in writing I was tempted to say! Not once did either of them ask me any family history or if I was taking any other medication before they told me to take anit-inflamitories, I work in a pharmacy so im not completely ignorant on these things. It was get them in and get them out as quickly as possible. My leg is still very painful and swollen and im still hobbling around on it without any clear indication of a diagnosis. I went home feeling quite disgruntled and upset that Im in quite a bit of pain and twice I went to St Marys and im no further forward to knowing what is wrong with me. If I had the choice I would never visit the place again but what choice do we have over here?? Things need a definate shake up. One final thing, in the new re-fitted A&E cubicles there aren't any hand gel dispensers, that really is bad- perhaps that should be addressed too??

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