"Acute inpatient 'care' is awful"

Where do I start? After seeing the consultant on inpatient admission I was not even told that I had been sectioned and had to seek the ward manager to find out. During the first 3 weeks I was not allowed to leave the ward, I was denied my basic human rights to have some exercise, as I was not granted any section 17 leave, it seemed like they had simply forgotten about me, I was not even escorted down to the day ward with nurses even though smokers are allowed to the smoking area escorted if they are sectioned, as a non-smoker I find this disgraceful. When I had a sickness bug I was told by a nurse whilst I was in the toilet that they would just open the door if I did not come out, I explained I was feeling sick, but that made no difference. After a night of being physically unwell, I was not allowed to lie in my bed the next day to rest. The resting was also an issue with regards to my M.E. illness... I was constantly being told by the ward manager to get up and then poked and prodded if I did not respond. I was also told by another nurse that they had worked with people with M.E and said that rest was detrimentle to my health... I would like to see them try and get through the day without rest when you feel like your blood is being drained from your body and feel like you have the worst Flu ever every single day. The consultant also seemed to have the view that some sort of graded exercise therapy would stop me from feeling tired... I thought they were meant to be a doctor? For a doctor they seemed to know very little of this syndrome. Every meeting with the consultant was filled with a room full of people just staring at you and writing down everything you say and do, and when the consultant isn't exactly a people person, it makes you wonder if they do this just to punish you? On one unfortunate occassion after something happened on the ward, I was told by the on duty doctor that I could not leave even though I was an informal patient by this time and my next of kin strongly made the point that they would take me home and look after me, but because the doctor 'did not know my case they would not release me'... I was incredibly frightened and felt very threatened, I was having panic attacks and crying my eyes out, but still I could not leave. I knew if I tried they would probably section me. I spent about 6-7 weeks on the ward and hated every second of it. I now have to lie and say I am OK all the time for fear that I will be put back in there. I have been simmering with anger since leaving that place about everything that happened (there are other bad things but for confidentiality I won't write them on here), it has taken me this long to try and calmly relay my message on this site to the general public. Absolutely appalling 'healthcare'

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Response from Acute Mental Health Unit & Day Hospital

I am sorry that we are only just responding to your feedback at this time, this is due to some technical issues. I am sorry that you have had a negative experience at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre in 2013. If you have any current issues that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. tel: 01529 222265 or email PALS@lpft.nhs.uk

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