"No trust in this Bristol PCT hospital"

As a patient of Southmead hospital being treated for a renal condition for the past fifteen years I have seen how, with a few exceptions from the regular nursing and reception staff, how little patients are now thought of as individuals by the consultants who want to get you in and out as quickly as possible with the minimal work necessary. Believe me, if there was a more conveniently located hospital in my area I would transfer without any hesitation. I have raised complaints time and time again but I am no longer prepared to continue with matters being smoothed over by PALS to disguise the poor healthcare which I am forced to accept just because I live in a certain area. Its soul destroying to wait for an appointment, sit in a war zone of a waiting area in cramped and uncomfortable conditions for two hours after your appointment was due only to be met for ten minutes by a complacent and patronising consultant who has as little empathy for your condition as it is possible to have, and to leave with no hope of recovery because neither the hospital or the consultant has any intentions of putting themselves out to assist your recovery. Patients are there not to question, not to object or disagree with their treatment and wall posters say 'we don't have to accept this' Patents don't want to be abusive - but the fact remains that now as the situation stands, the NHS is getting away with murder because questions ARE being treated as abusive behaviour to cover up their own ineptitude Take for example yesterday at the pharmacy. I was already by this time three hours late for my next appointment and to save time I left my prescription with them and my partner and I went off to another appointment and returned later in the afternoon only to find it still had not been filled. And when I asked how much longer this was going to take a 'manager' appeared and said 'would you mind not harassing my staff' Harassment? Oh please! Its time this hospital really got it's act together and started operating and working efficiently for and on behalf of the patient rather than hiding behind a self written rule book designed to disguise their own inefficiency. As patients, we appreciate they are busy, but they too must appreciate that we are no longer willing to be treated coldly as just another hospital number. We are not cattle. We too deserve respect. But I feel that while the rulebook entitles hospitals to disguise their own poor behaviour and mistakes, this Bristol Hospital will continue to give a well below standard of healthcare and professionalism.

Story from NHS Choices

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