"Beaconsfield car crash 1994"

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(as the patient),

It was the 7th August 1994 i was returning home from an outdoors party at Black Park in Burnham beaches.I was 16 years old at the time,as we came of the roundabout at beaconsfild old town on Station road in beaconsfield heading towards the new town the car suddenly swerved.

The next thing I remember seeing sparks close to wear i was positioned in the back left hand side of the car.This was from the impact of hitting a curb and an electrical box

Then it all went blank,the next thing i remember is coming round and trying to get out of the car.

By this time the car had caught fire and i felt an intense heat on my left hand side.

It was then the onset of panic kicked in could not free my self as my left femur was broken and my right ankle was broken,so i was trapped.

As the heat intensified i remember feeling sick due to the intense heat then pain.

Once i realised i was not getting out of this, i remember i excepted my fait there, and then the pain stopped.

The next thing i rember was trying to walk outside the but kept collapsing then it all goes blank.

They took me to High Wycombe Genral Hospital wear they cut my arm open to release the pressure.Through this is proberbly the reason i still have my arm today.and i'm very gratful

I was then taken to stoke Mandeville burns unit,It was then i was put into Traction and surgury began to take place.

I sufferd 37% full thickness burns to my face ,arms and legs.

While i was in hospital i contacted the Super bug MRSA that slowed the healing process considrebly.

Upon release and many future years i was very bitter about what had happend to me and the treatment i received

Due to when my leg eventually healed it was around 1 1/2 inches shorter than my right leg,this used to cause me many problems and as a result of this i was very inactive.

I kept going back to the orthopeadic part of the hospital but they kept saying there was nothing wrong with my leg

I then went back to my GP at Holmer Green Surgury to try and get a referal elswere,but was told there was nothing wrong with me and i should get back to work in what i felt was a very rude manor.

I eventually changed my GP and got a referal to the Nuffield Orthopeadic Centre in Headington,Oxford.

Upon the first appointment they diagnosed the problem straight away.

In short they gave me two options a Lazereth Frame or a nail down the shaft of the femur,I chose the later.The corrective leg length surgury and rotaion by 15degrees took 10 hours then another week in hospital.

To date that operation has been the most sugnificant giving me back freedom my physical fitness and well being,although i still am badly scared and have the tops of my finger missings the operation gave me back somthing i thought i had lost forever.

I'm forever in debt to Proffesor Simpson and his team at the Headington Hospital.

That operation took place in October 1999 since then i now ride Freestyle motocross which is considerd as a very extreme sport.

I race Motocross bikes and jump 80 ft gaps and run my own business.which i never thought i could do.if i can ever help anyone in a recovery process please let me know.

There is always light at the end of every tunnel and time does heal.

Never stop fighting until the fightings done.

Yours faithfully


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