"MRSA infection has ruined my life"

I had a hip arthroscopy last May. I had a pre op assessment approx 2 weeks before my op, which showed no signs of MRSA. I got a clean bill of health, so went ahead with the operation. The staff were all nice and friendly and the hospital itself was bright and clean enough. I left the hospital within 8 hours of my op, being told to return in 6 weeks for a follow appointment. However, 2 weeks after my operation I became extremely ill and was in agony. The pain in my hip was excruciating, so my partner had to call an ambulance. I was admitted to my local hospital, where it was discovered that I had an MRSA infection in my hip joint. I had to have emergency surgery to wash out my hip joint, and was in hospital on IV antibiotics for 2 weeks. Once I left hospital I had to continue on antibiotics for a further 4 weeks. The infection has dissolved all of the cartilage on my hip, leaving mg me in need of a total hip replacement. I feel very upset that I have been left in this situation. I am in constant pain and cannot get a new hip for at least 1 year after the infection. As a result I have not worked since last May as my employer will not allow me to return to work on crutches, for health ans safety reasons. Through no fault of my own I now have no income, other than benefits and have had to put off my wedding as I have no idea when i will be able to have a hip replacement. My local hospital does not feel that they can do the operation as my history is too complicated, so I have been referred to another hospital in my area. I will not go back to Chorley as I feel that i was treated with total disrespect once I had acquired the infection. They made it extremely difficult for me to go back to see my consultant, giving me appointments at a time of day that I could not get to with hospital transport, ( I live almost 200 miles away and was sent to Chorley as it is supposed to be The place to go for hip arthroscopy). I could not drive and my partner could not get more time off work to drive me. The receptionist actually told me that they didn't understand why i was bothering to go there if it was so far away and I couldn't get there. They told me just to go to my local hospital if transport was such an issue. When I did get back to see my consultant i had a very short chat with them, where they said it was a shame that I had the infection, but if the pain didn't go within 3 months to go back and they would give me a new hip! I left feeling very upset and totally unimportant - they didn't even apologise. I know the infection was not their fault, but hthey were the person who was responsible for my treatment at the hospital. An apology and a bit of sympathy would have gone a long way. I have since had a written apology from the hospital, (after complaining in writing to them) but this in no way compensates for the pain and suffering I have been through.

Story from NHS Choices

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