"My doctor- light at the end of the tunnel at last"

I have had a few problems where I have been told "nothing on the scan so must be nothing wrong" or "oh it is all in your mind" and the classic "it's your age, lack of excercise and over weight even though I have obviously been in chronic pain. Thankfully my doctor who has support ed me all the way and without whom I would have said enough is enough and ended all, referred me to the Dunedin Hospital. This is where I have come under the care of a doctor who has taken the time to explain the reasons why my problems have not been dealt with and why some of these ignorant comments have been made. His explaination regarding the available technology and it's short coming made sense at last bearing ion mind I was an engineer so I know when somebody is trying to baffle me with science (I have done it myself). His description of how the body works reassured me that at last I had found somebody who was going to help me. He was very friendly, polite, proffessional and caring and when he asked what my goal was he could understood that I just wanted to be able to have a drink at Christmas after nearly a year without one. On the day of my procedure all the staff treated me with care and respect that in fact all my worries were put to rest and it felt more like a short stay in a top hotel. The procedure was painfull but all the way through he explained what he was doing the only fault and it may sound stranger was I could not fully watch the screen. I find these things fascinating in fact I insist watch when I had a tube put down my throat as I have to have anough course of treatment hopefully he will put the screen where I can see it. I have already written him a letter by hand thanking him for everything he has done because as my title states I may not ever be full fit at least I now feel that my suffering will be reduced and I will no longer be disappointed. It is a shame he does not deal with knees as I have a problem that needs to sorted before my next treatment. Despite the pain part I am actually looking forward to my next visit keep up the exceptionally good work and many thanks Les Boxall

Story from NHS Choices

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