"Synovial Cysts in Lumbar Spine L5/S1"

(as a relative),

Hi there,

I am a concerned daughter whose mum's health has detoriated rapidly due to leg and back pain over the last 6 months.

My mum is in her 60s and her job over the last 40 years has involved standing for 8 hours a day; a job she has now had to retire from due to her leg pain. We did now know until a MRI scan was done that the pain was being caused by her back, but are thankful to know now.

The MRI showed up saying that she has cysts on her lumbar spine, right worse than left which are impeding onto her spinal canal. I am still confused as to whether she has sciatica in her leg, spinal stenosis, nerve damage, a slipped disc. Without a proper diagnosis of what it is, it is difficult to find the right resolution.

She has been having sessions with a chriopractor, takes D3 vitiamin tablets provided by GP as this will apparently make her bones stronger? ! The chiropractor sessions have been aboot 5 in total, and even though she is better than before the pain seems to go from so bad to sometimes hardly noticeable.

She has gone from a lady who was so active and did a lot of wlaking to someone who can now only stand for 10 minutes or less before she has to sit down.

Should she continue with the chiropractor or try physiotherapy? I have advised her to start doing some excercises to see if that helps, but I am not sure if it will. She is scared of the thought of having surgery but obviously if this will restore her life back to normal then its worth doing surely?

She has synovial cysts on her spine and it is these that are worrying me more than anything.

Any help that anyone can provde based on their own experiences would be greatly received or any medical practioners on what her next steps are would be really helpful.

Many thanks

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