About: Quality of care and waste of public money

(as a relative),

My daughter was admitted to hospital on Sunday. By Monday evening she was well enough to come home and was told that following a test requested Monday am she could go home. Waited all day occupying a bed and she didn't receive test. Transferred to another ward test done at 12.00. Needed to wait for discharge letter and tablets (still occupying a bed). Letter arrived 2.30 pm, by 5.30 pm tablets still not arrived. Took daughter home anyway (so they could have bed) and returned for tablets at 7.30 pm.

Wasted two days waiting for admin to sort out test, letter and tablets and they wonder why NHS is losing money.

Quality of care on second ward was excellent. First ward - was given nothing to eat on Sunday. Couldn't cater for special diet on Monday - needed notification so had boiled potaties and carrots for lunch and dinner. Tuesday forget to send special diet for egg salad for lunch and dinner.

She was in an isolation room - no television, no lightbulb in overhead lamp and only 1 curtain hung at window and they wondered why she wanted to go home!!!!

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