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Welcome to the Community Nursing Pages at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. We wanted to show you some of the comments that we received from the public during our roadshows earlier on in the year.

The focus of the roadshows was on Dignity and Compassion in Community Nursing.

Please feedback your experiences of our service. All postings will be read and will be responded to by our service. We want to know where we could improve and where we have got it right.

Dignity – Here is what our patients and services said:

Treating everyone as you expect to be treated yourself

Treating patients in the same way as you would want to be treated if you were in their place

Listen and support people to express their needs and wants. Have zero tolerance of forms of abuse. Respect people's rights to privacy

Treat someone as an individual, listen to their personal needs and try to achieve

Treat people like individuals in society, for example, close doors and curtains before undressing a person. Listen and support patients to express their needs and wants

Dignity Is being treated as an independent individual, Respect is helping the individual achieve this on their own terms

Dignity and respect to me means caring about the patient and looking at them as an individual - looking at their individual cares and needs: That "patient" is a human being and should be treated like one

My right to privacy, to keep my self-esteem and be treated as an individual

Dignity and respect to me…..means feeling valued, being listened to, kindness and courtesy and respecting peoples beliefs, cultures and life experiences

Dignity…. that thing that you can’t see but need to preserve. Respect peoples dignity. Give respect. Observe peoples choices and listen to their beliefs

I feel dignity and respect is about always treating patients and their family as you would expect to be treated yourself or expect a member of your family to be treated

Dignity underpins our work with people of any age. It’s about valuing people for who they are and making sure they know that!

Call people by their names, not be their room number!

Dignity – self respect and also being afforded respect as a human being.

Dignity means to me: - Respect for peoples beliefs and opinions. Valuing people. Support and promote self respect.

Dignity is respecting peoples wishes at all times.

Dignity is treating people as they wish to be treated. It is respecting their human rights and beliefs and caring for them with those to guide your actions.

Dignity Care – to respect the clients wishes, to ensure no abuse or their rights are disrespected. To give them independence in their everyday needs.

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