"life's not all about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain. "

About: The Royal Glamorgan Hospital / Mental Illness

(as the patient),

Been suffering from depression and axiety issues since childhood. Had nervous brake-down about eight years ago, and one again about four years ago. Been hospitalised three times. Suicidal many times, self harmed, struggled with day to day life, leaving the house etc. bla bla bla. It goes on.

Body, soul and spirit full of 'Black Dog' bites that are finally begining to heal. (Churchill called his illness 'Black Dog').

Something I never thought would happen......I now feel hope for myself! - all thanks to Dr Shelly McCann, my therapist. The first therapist ( and there have been many, some great who I could mention also like Dr Huw Griffiths - now retired -, some not so great) that has tried to connect with me without putting the 'protocols' and 'book rules' first but managed without breaking them.....she put my wellbeing first and it's working. I completely trust her and her methods of dealing with me are making a massive change in my psyche. My outlook is now changing. Finally someone has got through to me. !

The entire 'recently advocated methods of dealing with people with my illness' must be reviewed by ALL mental health sections from all authorities, not just the Rhondda Cynon Taff. Books can't equip you with everything you need to reach people lost in a fog of despair like I've been. Professionals need to be taught some things by their patients. Take self harming for example, patients being encouraged to express what they feel leading up to, during and after self harming would give much better insight into this problem that is growing statistically. There's not enough understanding of self harming among professionals in my opinion. Progress will bound forward if more understanding is achieved by the therapist. Therapists actually listening to patients and trying their best to imagine or feel what that particular individual needs in order to stop self harming! ...............more understanding.....now there's a thought. I wish everyone had a therapist like mine. They'd all soon be out of a job. I hope that my therapist doesn't mind me mentioning her name. Her colleagues could learn a lot from her. Dr McCann, please, if you see this, don't misjudge me for it. I'm only doing it because you've made me want to make a change in the system. So others like myself....lost and in anguish, can finally get some hope that there is a way to be content and realise that life's not all about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain. !

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