"Suspected appendicitis"

Anything else?

I arrive in the pru 30th August with incredible pain in my Stomach/ back, I was also being sick, at the time when I arrived there was no one waiting so I was first to be seen, the nurse was very understanding and requested a blood test, this I did have to wait for, for about 5-10 minutes. The nurse that took my blood was very understanding of my needles and didn't rush, also when crying he asked if it was because I was in pain, I was then taken to another room, and was told to wait for a doctor to come see me, I was given pain relief but had to wait quite a while for the first doctor, then was seen for a second opinion as transferred to surgical ward 7 for suspected appendicitis, because of this I was put nil-by-mouth, and was told I would have a ultrasound, however as the hours went on I became in pain I was crying and pain relief every hour, and was looking as If I was not getting the scan (about 8-9 at night) (being in from 7 in the morning) the doctor then came and saw me, he was not happy himself and put a complaint in and arranged for the on call ultrasound to be done as he didn't want me to be subject to radiation from a ct scan if not needed. The scan was then taken place and found I has something with my kidney, ovaries. I was then told I would have a ct to confirm what was wrong and to check my appendix, however still could not eat. The staff in the ward were lovely and supportive in fact the nurse on my ward was pushing for something to be done. The next day they came and saw me in the morning to see how I was doing and told me I would have the ct during the day so still could not eat or drink in case of an operation, I hand the scan around 11 and found it was my kidneys, but only found out in the evening as the doctor was in surgery all day. As I had not eaten for 2 days the nurse found me a yogurt, the staff on surgical ward 7 were fantastic and lovely, they helped me feel at easy during my 5 day stay. On the whole there were some good and bad points and depending on the time I arrived my have been different to me being seen so quick, however waiting for the ultrasound all day was quite bad with how much pain I was in, but thank the doctor for getting the oncall guy to do it. And waiting for 2 days to eat was horrible however the staff on the ward were fantastic and helpful. And being referred to urology and guiny doctors were quite quick and no problem, however was examined a lot lol. And thank the staff in surgical ward 7 so much.

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