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"No communication"

Anything else?

My dealings with this hospital has led me to believe that there is a serious lack of communication not only between the staff but also between the staff and the patients. Bearing in mind this hospital is supposed to be for the rehabilitation of the patients. Patients are not kept informed of their care and are left even more confused than they already are. As far as aftercare is concerned, it seems to me that the patient is not involved or consulted about their wishes and it is left to outsiders or family members to decide what happens to them. I am of the understanding that if the patient is deemed to have mental capacity then it is a depravation of liberty to withhold information that would enable them to have the choice to make decisions about their life, such as where they live. I think it is a very sad state of affairs especially for the patients who have no-one to speak on their behalf. I find the place to be depressing and uninspiring.

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