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I have been suffering from chronic pain with my periods for a year and a half. My periods are so heavy that I have had to go to hospital in the past for fear of possible hemorrhage. My life has been on hold because two weeks of every month I cannot leave the house due to my very heavy bleeding a debilitating pain. So after waiting for months for a referral I had an appointment with a gynecologist at bridgwater hospital, Instead I saw the registrar. From the moment I sat down this woman talked over and beat me down with her words , it was obvious that she had made her mind up about my condition before she had seen me and didn't take what I had to say into account at all. In one breath she told me that a coil would probably get dislodged because I bleed so heavily then I the next breath totally discounting a hysterectomy which I requested in favour of a coil. All this was an obvious money saving decision because she contradicted herself in the space of a few sentences. The registrar was very cold and impersonal, she also examined me while I was having period pain and was very rough and hurt me internally, I felt man handled. The registrar also spoke over my husband and badgered him with her stern manner. this whole experience left me and my husband feeling cold and deflated. I felt that I was not listened to and treated very badly by this woman and I had to go to bed when I got home feeling depressed. my GP had already suggested the coil to me a year ago and but I wanted a hysterectomy and I do not want to waste another 6 months in pain waiting to find that the coil isn't suitable. I had been for a ultra sound scan at bridgwater hospital s few weeks earlier and I was found to be suffering from fibroids but my scan wasn't even in my records and this registrar made her decision without even looking at them, she took none of this into consideration. I can honestly say that I have never been so badly treated by a so called health professional in my life and I never want another experience like that one again. I have complained to my GP and asked for a second opinion, this means more time wasted and more time suffering in pain due to the lack of compassion and understanding. Yours sincerely Deborah Fox

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