"The changes in mental healthcare in Wales, which leaves countless patients out in the cold."

About: Mid & West Wales Regional Office Princess Of Wales Hospital

(as the patient),

I was diagnosed with depression in February 2011. My GP prescribed Citalopram, and referred me to the mental health unit at the PoW hospital in Bridgend. At the appointment I was placed on the waiting list for CBT. The hospital saw me every 8 weeks to ask how I was feeling, making sure I took my medication, and to tell me I was still on the waiting list. No further help was offered. In October 2012 the primary care was moved from the hospital to the GP, which meant that the GP was now responsible for counselling and support. My GP was not aware of this and does not have anything in place. The waiting lists were closed. However even those still on the list did not get any help, myself included. I was told to ask my GP who in turn referred me back to the hospital. Meanwhile they kept changing my medication because my depression did not improve at all.

I stopped taking the pills because the side effects do not outweigh the relief they were meant to give me. I told the hospital I stopped taking them and that the last appointment I had with the mental health unit did not go well at all. I was told one of the psychiatrists would contact me. This was in May. No one called me.

I am trying to cope on my own. Single mum, 2 kids and a job. This morning I burst into tears during a conference call. Two years of popping pills and being told I was "at the top of the list", and I am no further than I was in February 2011.

How do I feel about my care? What care would that be? I have given up on the NHS. I just hope I don't end up giving up on me.

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