"The worst experience of my life part 2"

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Everywhere, my baby was tool off to special care eventually and I was still covered in blood and had the epidural still in my back for quite some time another midwife was due to take over my mum was asked to press the button on the blood pressure machine as she done this the new midwife walked in and see this and walked up to bed to talk over to me to my mum at this point I was in tears not knowing what was happening with my daughter my mum also had been crying, she walked up to my bed and said to my mum "who are u?" My mum was taken back and said "I'm her mum" she then decided to have a go at my mum and start spouting policies at her my mum asked her to leave as I had just had a traumatic time and she didn't want me getting upset so she left having not introduced herself to me and not doing the job she had came to do which was clean me up she left the room and stood outside the door my partner shortly left to go see what was happening with my daughter he was then approached by this midwife who said he wasn't "allowed" to be trying to find out what was going on until "she " had told him so, the midwife the tried coming in again and starting to try and discuss this again with my mum who again asked her to leave, n then my mum decided to approach the head midwife and get me another midwife which happened hour or so after, i was still covered in blood not cleaned up eventually they came around and cleaned me up and sent doctors to stitch me, once this was done the midwife done my blood pressure on the lower part of my arm with the hand that hand a canular in I felt the pain and immediately ripped the cuff off and because of this my hand was swollen for days, I eventually got to see my daughter when I did the next day I was told she had contracted GBS which is contracted when there has been a prolonged rupture of the membranes, I was told she would need 5 days antibiotics and would be ok to go home once discharged onto the maternity wars with me a few days later the bank midwife turned up on her day off "just to see if me n my baby were ok" and then asked if she could see my notes which she took to the nurses station, I felt that was strange! After being told 5 days of antibiotics day 5 came and Olivia had a blood test the midwives told me to get ready and pack up to go home which I did 12 mid night was my Olivia's last dose of antibiotics in her vein and 5 o'clock came n I said to the midwife "so Olivia's blood must be ok for us to be going home" she looked completely lost with that a doctor came in and told me no Olivia can't go home she needs another 2 days of antibiotics which was new knowledge to me and no one had questioned why Olivia was 5 hours late on her mid day dose I was unaware she had to have, I took her round to get her dose late to find they didn't even have a drug chart for her in the end she had her doses very late with this life threatening infection it is the blind leading the blind at this hospital absolute disgrace!

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