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(as the patient),

Yesterday I was admitted by my gp to see the urologist at K & C this was by means of an urgent referral confirmed by my GP on the telephone I was advised that the doctor was expecting me and I would get seen straight away! !

I arrived at minor injuries at 9. 30 and sent straight through to ECC this was where everything stared to go badly wrong.

I was checked in and told to take a seat! not good when you are in chronic pain and cant even sit down! A lovely young nurse wrist banded me and took my gp letter.

I was then ignored for approximately 2 hours by which time I had to ASK for pain relief

I was asked to produce a water sample and give bloods before I could have pain relief! So I did the sample placed it in a labelled bag and returnd it to a nurse.

Bloods were then taken a IV needle placed in my arm and finally 2 paracetamol and a Voltarol suppository and finally not left standing! but left on a trolly bed with a dirty blanket and no pillow being peered at through a gap in the curtains by 2 men who were obviously contractors in the hospital and a continually disturbed by a man in his 80. s who was wandering around the room totally disturbed by the fact he was there trying to find his way out! ! I was examined by a doctor eventually at 12. 30 who wanted to send me for a CT scan after a receiving an IV dye to look for what they thought may me kidney stones.

At 2. 15 a porter came to the room asking for a Mrs xxxx! come on he said to her your off for a CT scan her reply was "really? ? no ones said anything to me i have only just got here! ! " she was about to sit in the wheel chair when I got off of my bed and said I think that's me you need for the scan my name is xxxxxx!

everyone looked confused the porter went with his list to the desk and queried the name! oh yes! ! a doctor said we've got the wrong name! ! the porter pointed out to the medical team that patient names should not be used anyway but their hospital number he was basically told to shut up; -(

finally we got me in the chair on the way to the scan.

No dye used ....IV in my arm for what purpose....nothing to eat or drink since 6pm the night before pain relief wearing off! ! NOT HAPPY

oh well at least I was off that awful ECC unit and on my way to a ward where things could only get better or so I thought.

3pm placed in a side room on Clark ward A male nurse came into the room with an admission/patient record and asked me to complete it? ?

I did this then he came back and confirmed the information on it. I asked for more pan relief as the voltarol was wearing off he had no record that I had received pain relief earlier..he said he would order some.

a nurse came in to take my temperature and BP. bp was slightly raised and my temperature was low she said I looked cold and got me 2 paracetamol and a blanket and asked me to do a water sample which I did...she dipped and it showed blood so she sent it to the lab.

there I was left in pain uncomfortable on a totally flat bed with chronic back pain freezing cold in a room with all the windows open so I put my cardigan on and wrapped myself in the blanket.

by 5. 30 I was still waiting for results for scan and in pain I asked a nurse who said they thought all was ok but needed to check I asked for a cup of tea as had not eaten or drank all day.

Finally a cup of tea and an egg sandwich still no results.

The nurse came back and asked if I had got the tea I thanked her and asked to see the doctor re my results she very kindly chased him up.

the consultant came into my room and said that the CT scan showed no stones or any other kidney problems and that as my water sample from the morning was clear I could go home! ! !

Both myself and the nurse present looked shocked by this as she had tested my water(showing blood ++++)and I was still in pain and still raised concerns. we both explained this to the consultant along with my concerns over the mix up with the porter taking the wrong patient for a scan my query as to why no dye was used and confirmation that no printout was provided in evidence of the mornings urine sample plus the fact that no one knew I had received pain relief via suppository all made things very negative in relation to my faith in this doctor!

by this point I wanted to go home! the nurse was lovely she asked me to hang on in there while she spoke to the doctor.

she came back and asked me to give her a chance to make things right as clearly I was in pain...she raised the bed and made me comfortable and made me a second cup of tea and offered me codeine for pain relief. I decided to stay ...the doctor came back and said he wanted me to stay in overnight to monitor the pain and do some further tests tomorrow. Finally I felt relief and started to settle for the night.

Then consultant no 2 came in with is board and said OK Mrs xxx the ct scan is negative I think we can let you go home.

I explained that id already spoken to a consultant and the nurse and we were doing more tests.

he left the room....it was about 9. 00 I got out of bed to close the windows in my room as they were all open and it was turning chilly due to the pain I was in I could not reach the top ones so I asked the only person on the ward (a doctor) to help me he just carried on with his work and said can you wait for a nurse to do that!

This was the final straw for me I just walked into my room got my bag and walked out I drove myself home very tired in chronic pain and with an iv needle in my arm.

I finally got home and tucked up I warm bed.

at midnight I had my mother and daughter knocking on my door because the hospital had told them they was worried about me as I had discharged myself.

I called the hospital this morning to explain what happened and advise I was still in pain they advised me to drive back to ECC and start again! ! NO way .I would like to speak to member of the team that was on Friday night to discuss this case before taking further action.

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Response from Sally Smith, Chief Nurse and Director Of Quality, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for providing feedback and I am so sorry about the distress we caused you with regard to your investigations, lack of pain relief and confusion of advice while you were with us. Please do get in touch with me on sally.smith2@nhs.net should you wish to talk about these issues that you have raised. I do hope you are recovering well and apologise for the diificult time you had.

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