"Feel Let Down By Quality Of Care That My Late Wife Recieved "

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First of all this story is about my late wife, now whilst I believe she always received good care, I feel as her husband of (nearly 17 years ) up until her death in February 2013, that things could have been better. In May 2012 my late wife got diagnosed with some form of a breast cancer, we had previously gone to our GP about another health issue, but it was then my late wife decided to bring up the subject of finding some kind of bump on her right breast. But as it turns out it wasn't a bump but a fairly big lump, now what impresses me is how quickly she got referred to our local hospital. Back then in the May of 2012 from the initial diagnosis ( my late wife ) was told twice she had breast cancer, this I can not understand

She ( my late wife) despite having a mild learning disability/mosaic downs was very articulate and intelligent so was fully aware of what was going on around her, she got a bit angry after being told the hospital had picked up a second lump (lymph nodes) and felt our own GP should have given her a full examination. In terms of care with the cancer diagnosis very impressed with the team who treated her. But I guess we should have been given those opportunities such as access to other cancer charities ie Macmillan as well as the support we had from our local hospital followed by say seeing a Chaplain too.

On top of that and I know I doubt I will be to change any thing in terms of the team who treated my late wife there were gaps or spaces in between each of her appointments, what I want to know is why were there two diagnosis's my late wife ended up with a very well know and common form of breast cancer capable of spreading. and why rumors/speculations came up ( nothing was said to me) that from the outset I guess starting from the May 2012 my late wife was only given 6 months to live, there is at least 10 months of questions that I wish I could get answered hence why yes her level of care with the cancer could have been better

what does hurt is how I was looked upon by the ward that she was under

My late wife had two admissions to our local hospital one was in of Dec 2012 (this was for a leg infection ended up being discharged ( have been told it was the cancer that got her into hospital the first time) the second admission was in February 2013 of this year for a suspected abdominal mass and enlarged liver ( this again was the cancer which had been spreading rapidly for the last 8 months)

To conclude my story I mentioned that my late wife had a learning disability ( she was between I think 2004 and up to February 2013 under the community health services for learning disabled ) as well as the cancer she had complex health issues too which required regular visits to the hospital and GP ( sadly we are not just talking about one hospital trust/health service that treated her but two between the years of 1999 and 2013 ) as her late husband and partner of 25 years I feel she should not have been taken away from me in the way that it was allowed to be

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