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" People tell me I have arthritis but the doctors don't"

(as the patient),

This is about weight. Whenever I go to the doctors with my pains in back, legs, feet, arms, hands - it's your weight. We can only deal with pain. Not everything. It's your weight.

Me: Yes, I've lost 3 stone, feel active, go swimming and walking, feel great! Then I have 2 operations, i.e. radio therapy treatment (varicose veins, in bandages for 10 days). Then my period (I bleed for England). Then another operation - laser treatment on my cervix (now I have pre-cancer).

Then I bleed intermittently for 1 month, then I start period again, then 2 weeks later start period again. During this time, I put on 2 stone through less inactivity - no swimming. Why? Because I'm bleeding most of the time and lack energy - I go to work 6 days a week part time (15 hours cleaning, I'm very active at work). Plus my pains in spine and body.

I'm OK getting onto the bus and when I get off I'm bent double. I'm like an old woman walking in pain "tottering along, " I call it my funny walk. Then as I continue walking I straigten up and walk normal, or as normal as possible. The pain is with me always though sometimes I get light relief.

I'm having blood tests for arthritis. People tell me I have arthritis but the doctors don't. I'm waiting for my test results now.

"When tested positive" I'm fine, I'll get on with it - its the not knowing and been told which is difficult.