Feedback from NHS Choices

Patient feedback contributed via NHS Choices is also available via the Care Opinion site. Usually, feedback will be available on Care Opinion within 24 hours of appearing on NHS Choices. Responses posted on NHS Choices are also brought across to Care Opinion

Which feedback from NHS Choices is included?

We include feedback only for services that are listed on Care Opinion.

This means that we include feedback about acute, community, mental health and ambulance trust services. We also include many independent and third sector providers.

At present, we do not list GPs and dentists on Care Opinion, so we do not display feedback about these services from NHS Choices.

What can I do with NHS Choices postings?

Once postings coming via NHS Choices appear on the Care Opinion site, they are treated just like the postings that already come through Care Opinion. So you can browse, search, create reports, set up email alerts and post responses on our site just like you already do.

Every posting from NHS Choices is clearly marked and there is a link that allows you go back to the original posting.

What can’t I do with NHS Choices postings?

At present there are few technical limitations with NHS Choices postings which we can’t get around.

  • First, they do not come with a postcode, so we can’t tell you which CCG area they come from. Nor can we tell you which deprivation group they are from.
  • Second, we can’t go back and clarify or confirm anything with the author of a posting, because we don’t have an email address.
  • Third, we can publish responses to the posting on Care Opinion, but we are not able to push those responses back to NHS Choices. We make a feed of our responses freely available so that NHS Choices can pull the responses from Care Opinion and display them on NHS Choices at any time.

Where do the titles, tags and criticality score come from?

Postings which come via NHS Choices lack some of the information with Care Opinion usually collects from patients, so we need to add it in.

In particular, Care Opinion editors may add useful tags to each posting, so that each one becomes more useful both to subscribers and to public users of the site.

Why is Care Opinion publishing these NHS Choices postings anyway?

A number of subscribers asked us if we could make it easier to access all the feedback on the web about their services. And at the same time the government is encouraging independent organisations like Care Opinion to make innovative use of public sector information to create new social benefits.

Patients want to see their feedback make a real difference to services, and that means making sure it is seen by the people who need to see it.

Because of our pioneering experience in this area, Care Opinion can add extra value to postings on NHS Choices and help find ways for all patient feedback to lead to real service improvements.

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