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Integration with NHS Choices

Care Opinion integrates with NHS Choices, which provides a feedback service for the NHS in England. 

We aim to synchronise data between the two sites so that people can see all the stories and responses in one place. Staff can use Care Opinion or NHS Choices to respond to stories.

How do stories and responses move between Care Opinion and NHS Choices?

Care Opinion uses the APIs (data feeds) provided by NHS Choices to make this work.

Every hour we request any new stories and responses from NHS Choices. We publish those stories and responses on Care Opinion automatically.

Likewise, when we publish a new story or response which was submitted on Care Opinion, we will attempt to send it to NHS Choices so it can appear there too.

Which stories and responses do we pull from NHS Choices?

We only pull stories from NHS Choices for services we list. So we include feedback about acute, community, mental health and ambulance trust services. We also include many independent and third sector providers.

We are currently adding GPs in England to Care Opinion so we will pull those stories too. We do not currently list dentists.

Which stories and responses do we send to NHS Choices?

We send stories about health services in England for which we have an official ODS code. This includes all NHS services.

We also comply with these rules set by NHS Choices:

  1. We don't send stories which are over 2 years old or which were posted by staff on behalf of patients or carers.
  2. We send a response only if it is posted by one of the providers the story is about. We send only the first response from any provider.
  3. We don't send responses from commissioners, healthwatch or other organisations.

How does this affect the privacy of story authors?

The information shared between our platforms is restricted to the information which can be read by anyone on each site. No patient identifiers are shared.

How do I work with NHS Choices feedback on Care Opinion?

Once stories and responses are imported to Care Opinion, you can treat them like all other Care Opinion feedback. So you can create searches, reports, visualisations and digests which include NHS Choices feedback.

You can respond to stories and we will send your first response to NHS Choices (if you are the provider).

If available at your subscription level, you can have alerts for stories and responses we import from NHS Choices. 

You can also search Care Opinion and NHS Choices feedback separately if you want to.

What limitations are there?

Because Care Opinion and NHS Choices operate differently, there are some limitations on how well we can make the data sharing work.

Limitations for stories

Stories on Care Opinion have tags for what what good, what could be better, and how someone felt. Stories from NHS Choices don't have these tags.

When we moderate Care Opinion stories, we add a criticality score. Stories coming from NHS Choices don't have this score.

When we import a story from NHS Choices, we may try to link the story to a more specific service on Care Opinion - for example a specialty within a hospital. We can't always do this.

Because we have no author details for NHS Choices stories, we can't contact the author or clarify anything in the story.

Limitations for responses

We can usually import responses posted on NHS Choices.

We can't send all our responses to NHS Choices. We can only send the first response from each provider. This is a limitation imposed by NHS Choices.