Managing subscription members

On the Members page you can see a list of all the current members of your subscription.

If you are a subscription administrator, you can add new members, remove members, or change member roles and profile information.

  • To add a new member: click the "Members" link on the orange taskbar at the very top of the page. Then click "add new member" and enter the new user's email address. (If the "add new member" link is not present, you have already reached your subscription member limit.)
  • To remove a member: Click on the member's name to display their profile. Click the "Remove xxxx from this subscription" button for the member you wish to remove.
  • To change a member's role: Click on the member's name to display their profile. Then select the role you want them to have from the drop-down list.
  • To change a member's profile information: Click on the member's name to display their profile information. Then update any necessary information.

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