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Step-by-Step Conversation guide


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You may find it useful to use this guide to help you engage with people and their stories.

  • Introduce who you are, and explain why you are collecting feedback.     
  • Its best to follow the questions asked on the Care Opinion site or feedback leaflet.  "What was good and what could have been different", if you have been asked by your manager or the service to focus on an aspect of care or theme, then you can explain this.      
  • Simple, open ended questions can be used to get ensure stories go into detail eg“You said you felt safe and well cared for, what was it that made you feel that way?”
  • Author Details-you will need to ask for a few details. The details required are written on the “taking a story form” for you to fill in. If you have an iPad/computer, the story telling process will prompt you to fill these details in as you go through. Here’s a little more info about the details we require so that you can answer any questions the story teller may have:

Why do we ask for a…

Username: All stories are anonymous and so we require a username, this can be almost anything as long as it isn’t their real name, or offensive. e.g. “rugbyfan33”. 

Postcode: This is kept confidential. If the person does not have a post code, the post code of the service can be added instead

Name of service/s: So that the feedback is sent to the right service & staff, Care Opinion need to know the exact names of the service/s that the story is about. Remember, a story can be about multiple services throughout someone’s care journey.

Email Address: We require an email address so we that we can tell the story teller when their story is published, or has a response as well as to signpost them if needed. Again, this information is kept confidential.

If they do not have an email address, you will need to log in on your account and in the "about you" section on the process say you are a "staff member posting for a patient/service user" but please note -less that 5% of your organisation's stories should be added suing this option. More guidance on this

Consent: The story teller must have consented to their story being published on Care Opinion as it is a public website. Once their story is published it will be visible to anyone on the website. (They can however withdraw their story at any time should they wish).

Finally, remember to thank the story teller and explain what will happen next. See example below:   

“Thank you so much for taking your time to share your feedback today. We’ll be adding your story to the Care Opinion site soon and you’ll receive an email once your story has been published & again if the service responds to your story. Do come back to the website to respond further to your story, or add a new story in future”