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Star Responder


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You can now nominate a Star Responder

Has someone in your subscription written a response to a Care Opinion story that you think is brilliant? Why not nominate them for our Star Responder Award?

Every 3 months we'll select a recipient for our Star Responder Award. We'll celebrate them and their response in our newsletter, and they'll get a certificate and a special badge for their lanyard!

A Star Response goes above and beyond a good response. So firstly, what makes a good response?

A good response to a story can make the world of difference. It lets the author know they’ve been listened to and valued. And it can help your organisation show how you’re making important changes.

Here are some of the things we look out for at Care Opinion and use in our training. In a good response the responder:

  • Is polite and personal
  • Says who they are, and why it is them who is responding
  • Includes a photo on their profile (this helps people relate to them as a person)
  • Responds in a timely way (2 or 3 days is ideal, and up to a week is acceptable by authors)
  • Thanks the author for taking the time to write their story Accepts the author’s version of events
  • Responds to the author’s personal experience
  • Explains what normally happens, or why the author’s experience may have happened
  • Apologises sincerely if an apology is called for. (And isn't tempted to say “I’m sorry you felt that…” )
  • Gives their contact details and offers a follow-up if needed

Here's a useful summary:

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So what makes a 'Star' response?

A Star Responder does all the things listed above, and in addition, they:

  • Address each point one at a time, taking the time to work out what is really important to the author
  • Show empathy towards the author’s situation/experience
  • Are clear about what they’re going to do with the feedback in the story, eg “I’ll take it to the staff meeting next week”
  • Explain why there’s been a delay if there has been (people usually understand if you’ve been on holiday or were unwell)
  • Think of their response as an open and honest conversation rather than a task to be completed
  • Include images and links to show people what they’re talking about. Eg we’ve improved the signage – here's a picture
  • Follow-up their response, updating the author on actions now taken
  • Comment on how the person’s feedback may help other patients/service-users
  • Signpost to websites, organisations or charities relevant to person but not part of their service
  • In positive feedback, ask the author to mention anything they felt could be improved as part of their experience
  • Make a change planned into a change made

What do do next

Think this sounds like a responder in your subscription? You can nominate more than one, by refreshing the below form each time!

Put your nomination forward using this simple form

We’ll collect all the responses and choose a winner for our next Star Responder Award.

Handy Tip: You can search for responses made by a particular staff member. Here's how to do it.

Good luck!