Responder Template Emails

Where contact with a responder is necessary moderators should:  

  1. Send emails from the if they are not paying subscriber,  
  1. send emails from their personal account if they are a paying subscriber.  
  1. Use the templates below as a guide 
  1. Where appropriate, give responders deadlines to get back in touch. This allows things to move out of the assigned queue. 
  1. Use a friendly but professional tone – avoiding over familiarity. See the Care Opinion voice document in QMS
  1. Be respectful and offer suggestions not criticism 


Expanding on “change made”/”change planned” in a responders reply 

If a responder has used the changed planned or change made logo but does not explain the reason for this Moderators should email the responder and ask them to expand.    If they have added the logo by accident moderators can remove the logo. 

Example one  

Dear <responder name> 

I noticed in your response to <insert story title and/or link> you mentioned you are planning to make/have made (delete as appropriate) a change, which is great! 

Currently it is not clear from your response what the change is. Could you provide a bit more information about what this change is so we can add it to your response?  

If you added the change logo by mistake, just let me know and I can remove it for you. 

Best wishes, 

(insert your name) 

Example two 

Hi <responder name> 

I’m just getting in touch as part of the moderating team at Care Opinion as I have just read a response that you recently posted to this story [insert link to story] 
I’ve copied your response below for reference: [copy response (they won’t be able to see it otherwise)] 
Whilst adding your response you selected and added the change claim “we are preparing to make a change” This option however is it not clear what the change that you are preparing to make is.  

It would be great if we could add a little more detail within your response to make it clearer to the author and other site users.  

You have half an hour after submitting a response yourself to edit it or if you would like to send me an edited version of your response, I can update the it for you. 

Alternatively, if this option was selected in error, just let me time know and I will remove the change claim. 

Best wishes, 

(insert your name) 


Advanced notice of critical story 

When a story is severely critical (criticality 4+) Care Opinion may want to give some subscriptions (usually those providing the service being criticised) advance notice before publication.  Care Opinion’s rationale for this is that it means the author will receive the best response possible and it also serves to strengthen relationships with subscribing organisations. When sharing a story moderators must: 

  • Have agreed this course of action with a second line moderator 
  • Edited the posting to the version that will be published. The unedited version should not be shared as defamation rules still apply, even if the posting is not public 
  • Set a publication date and inform the subscriber of that date 
  • Offer to discuss  


Dear <main contact name> 

We’ve recently received a critical story about one of your services which you can read below. As you may be aware when we receive a strongly critical story it’s our practice to give you advance notice of publication. We will be publishing the story on <insert date>. If you would like to respond to it before then, just let me know and we can publish it earlier. 

I appreciate that this will be a difficult story for you and your colleagues to read. If you would like to talk though any aspect of the story or discuss how you might respond, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Best wishes, 

<insert your name> 

<inserted edited story text>