"How to..." online sessions

What online sessions are available?

Ever wondered if you are making the most of your subscription?  Looking for tips on how to generate stories, respond with impact or use the clever reporting tools at your disposal?  

We run a series of really (really) short "how to..." sessions designed to help. You'll find session descriptions below which we run for staff from subscribing organisations.

They are suitable whether you’re brand new to Care Opinion or Care Opinion, or have been using the site for a while. In fact we recommend that you join in every few months as we're constantly innovating and might have new things to share with you.  

Have a read of each session description, and then click on the ones you're interested in (or scroll to the bottom of the page) to check the available dates. Book on as many as you think will help you make the most of your subscription.

We currently run all our sessions via WebEx.  We recommend that you have a chat with your IT Department so they know you're going to be using this: they might need to set some permissions.

How to book your session:

Decide which session you'd like to attend.

Then simply click "register here" on the date that suits you best, fill out the (very small) form, and you're booked on. It's that simple!

When you get your confirmation email, click 'add this meeting to your calendar'.  Doing so downloads the meeting straight to your calendar with all the details.

You'll even get an email to remind you 30 minutes before the session.

Click on the link in your email 10 minutes before the sessions and follow the instructions. If you need any help with logging in to WebEx, here's a quick guide.

If you need any help or advice, call or email your usual subscriber support contact, or:

  • email: subscriber.support@careopinion.org.uk
  • phone: 0114 281 6256 (Sheffield Office) or 01786 235984 (Stirling Office)

How to generate stories

Great if you are looking for some different ideas to encourage people to give feedback

We’ll help you:-

  • Understand online, postal and phone feedback routes
  • Get the most from our print materials
  • Enhance your online promotion, using our logos, widgets or feeds
  • Use case studies of positive media coverage for organisations and teams


How to respond and demonstrate impact

Great if you are a new responder, or someone who’s been responding for a while and looking for some inspiration!

We’ll help you:

  • Think about what people might want from a response
  • Understand what makes a good response
  • Get impact from your feedback - and show it
  • Think strategically about responding and change


How to generate reports and visualisations

Great if you are responsible for showing how you drive quality improvement, and providing evidence of how you listen and change as a result of feedback.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand the search facility
  • Explore how reports help you to drive change and improve quality
  • Learn how to use our reporting and visualisation tool in ways that will impress!