Training and Learning

Phone and email support

Subscribing organisations have direct access to our support team via phone or email and we are always happy to support you the best we can.

If you need help and your organisation does not subscribe, please email us and we will get to your request as soon as we can.

How to... Sessions

We run short online training sessions which are open to everyone. If you want to attend, you need to register with us in advance.

Whether you are new to Care Opinion or have been using it for a while register for one of your 'How to...' sessions. We are always trying to help and support you the best we can and are adding new topics all the time. 

Whether you are looking for new ideas to generate stories, respond well or would like to know more about the reports and visualisations, it might be just what you are looking for. You'll find session descriptions below should help you choose the ones for you (though we really recommend you participate in them all!).

What do you need?

  • A computer with internet connection.
  • Access to a phone or you can use a headset with a microphone to call in
  • We use We recommend that you have a chat with your IT Department so they know you're going to be using this platform as they might need to make some changes to your access rights and firewalls. 

How to book your session:

Decide which session you'd like to attend.

Then simply click "register here" link. This will open an email to us, tell us your name, job title and organisation to sign up. If you have any problems just give us a call!

If you are new to Join me, we have some simple instructions on how to join the webinar

If you need any help or advice, call or email your usual subscriber support contact, or:

  • email:
  • phone: 0114 281 6256 (Sheffield Office) or 01786 235984 (Stirling Office)

How to generate stories

Great if you are looking for some different ideas to encourage people to give feedback

We’ll help you:-

  • Understand online, postal and phone feedback routes
  • Get the most from our print materials
  • Enhance your online promotion, using our logos, widgets or feeds


14 November, 2pm Register

24 January, 11am Register

25 March, 2pm Register

How to respond and demonstrate impact

Great if you are a new responder, or someone who’s been responding for a while and looking for some inspiration!

We’ll help you:

  • Think about what people might want from a response
  • Understand what makes a good response
  • Get impact from your feedback - and show it
  • Think strategically about responding and change
  • Use subscription or private tags to help you track your responses and updates


26 November, 11am Register

10 February, 2pm Register

How to generate reports and visualisations

Great if you are responsible for showing how you drive quality improvement, and providing evidence of how you listen and change as a result of feedback.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand the search facility
  • Explore how reports help you to drive change and improve quality
  • Learn how to use our reporting and visualisation tool in ways that will impress!


11 December, 11am Register

25 February, 2pm Register

How to make the most of subscriber tagging

A perfect webinar to teach you not only what Subscriber tagging is but how it can be used strategically to help with your subscription, responding and even quality improvement.

We'll help you:

  • Learn the basic functionality and understand the difference between private, subscription and public tags.
  • Learn how to track story progress of key themes using tags
  • Use tags for specific projects or CQC domains


9 January, 2pm Register

11 March, 11am Register

Involving volunteers and patient/user groups in generating stories on Care Opinion

This session is the one for you if you are a volunteer, a volunteer manager/coordinator or a staff member working with individuals or grops to generate stories.

We’ll help you:

  • Get involved in generating and learning from feedback
  • Support people to share their experiences
  • Use the website to see these stories and feedback to people
  • if you are a volunteer manager/coordinator, to establish a volunteer role and training programme in relation to Care Opinion including personal and professional development

3rd December, 10:30am Register

14th January, 2:00pm Register