Care Opinion as a tool for Healthwatchs

As the leading independent web based feedback platform service for both health and social care,  Care Opinion can be vital tools for every Healthwatch that wants to see how services  are engaging with local citizens.

 Care Opinion complement your existing engagement activities by providing direct and immediate feedback about your local services, and give you the ability to monitor the responsiveness of your local health and social care services.

Subscribing to our services will give you access to our training and support, which will help Healthwatch staff hear local views about services, produce reports, and provide information on service performance and service user views.

Healthwatch Subscription

Our Monitoring Subscription is specifically tailored to help you to gather and use stories for the health and social care providers and commissioners in your area. Healthwatch staff can monitor stories in your area, and see the criticality grading for each story.

Nominated staff can respond to feedback, allowing you to raise your local profile, and engage with the people who share stories. You also have access to our suite of reports, support from our expert team and kit of materials which will enable you to promote to patients, service users and clients across services.

Key features and benefits:

  • Email alert for stories about health and social care services via Care Opinion and NHS Choices
  • Responding and posting rights for your Healthwatch to engage with your local population
  • Reporting by way of scheduled monthly reports in a variety of formats
  • Smart alerts to monitor provider responsiveness and helpfulness
  • API access enable you to receive data in a raw format to support reporting and story analysis
  • Healthwatch themed widgets to both display as well as generate stories from your local population

To promote local partnerships and working together – Care Opinion will refund the cost of your subscription to you if either your local NHS Trust or your CCG subscribes within the year.

Our current Healthwatch subscription offers are available to download - Care Opinion Healthwatch offer for 2017.

For more details on using Care Opinion in a Healthwatch, please call Tim Hunt on 0114 281 6256 or email

Advice on responding to posts as a third sector organisation